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Plasma is the central component of all types of “electric” space propulsion. Electric currents produce magnetic fields which are then used to accelerate electrically charged ions and electrons in order to produce thrust. In ion thrusters, the plasma consists of positive ions and an equal amount of electrons. Recently a scientist published a new concept in the area of plasma ion propulsion systems for space travel. The Spiritual Insights that we receive from this type of research is related to this new thruster technology that may be paralleled to our lives. What I am thinking of is in relation to the direction and rate change our lives take when we encounter… Read more here…

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One thought on “New Propulsion System could take Humans to Mars Faster than ever before – A Spiritual Insight

  1. I was feeling drowsy when I opened YouTube, but this video caught my attention. And as I sat through it, I actually paid attention and did not feel sleepy. Definitely the Holy Spirit. Very good teaching!

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