We are a little over a month away from a new year and people are starting to make their health promises to themselves, also known as new years resolutions. My question is if you know it is bad for you to eat certain foods, why wait to change? Why not change now? In this video I discuss this topic.

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14 thoughts on “New Years Health Resolutions

  1. No, you should not throw away food even if its bad. It is a sin.

    Just eat whatever you have or give it away but don’t buy it anymore.

    Eat off the not so healthy food and sip bicarbonate of soda through out the day to clean your blood.

    Then buy healthy food and try to grow and buy organic seasonal food from then on. You will cherish and value healthy food for if u eat junk the healthy food doesn’t taste good.

    For the sweet tooth make healthy pancakes or waffles just using organic healthy sprouted flower.

    • Adriana Morawietz I’m sorry but throwing food away is most definitely not a sin.. absolutely no where in scripture does it say that. in fact the Israelites were commanded to burn food they did not eat during passover.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I was just going to get some coffee beans (organic) having trouble sleeping 10pm – 1 am and up. Taking lots of Chinese/Ayuredic Herbs mostly raw vegan 90% I heard Caffeine is healthy like a glass of wine. What about green tea. Also has Caffeine and known as a health drink?

  3. Grew my first 32 oz mason jar of broccoli and cumin seed sprouts. I think they’re going to get eaten for lunch. Now that I’ve had success with a single jar, I believe I will start making up/planning for a week of continuous sprouts. I am also going to try to grow some wheatgrass. You and the brother from growyourowngreens/discountjuicers were my inspiration in this effort. All glory to Yah for placing you folks in my youtube path!

  4. Paul nison keep eating healthy but I would not work out cause it probably has pagan origins cause I believe it came from the greeks or the olympics witch is pagan just try to find a harder job to do cause the Israelites did not work out they worked hard and that was there work out with out them doing any pagan work outs

    • Austin Thompson that could be, but it has to do with worship. If they worship there gods like that, then we shouldn’t do the same with our God; that is the context.And you have to be careful with saying things like that, for example: the Muslims keep the lunar calenda, does that mean we shouldn’t? Hope I didn’t offend 🤗, let people know.

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