How to find healthy food when there seems there is nothing available.
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16 thoughts on “No access to healthy food?

  1. I’m fortunate in that I reside near a huge wholesale market in a tropical location. However, whilst travelling, it can sometimes be difficult finding sufficient raw fruits to satisfy.

  2. Thanks for talking about what average folks in the US are facing and how to overcome this. Moving is not so easy as you want to be close to your loved ones. The roads in many places in the US are not conducive to riding bikes. But we have to think creatively… maybe you can get a ride with others or wild edibles.

  3. living in the wilderness away from big cities more out in the woods has an advantage of you learning how to live from nature surround you. There is so much edible herbs , fruits ec. and also can you start your own gardening if favored with a piece of soil, otherwise you can grow many vegetables , herbs ec. in flowerpots whether inside or outside. Store up on heirloom seeds and plant/sow them in its season. That way you can go sure not to eat any Gmo, neither other pesticides, which make you sick. By the way also local stores in tiny villages have organic fresh produces often from the farmers around, you also can search up a farmer yourself and see if they not sell some of their harvest.

  4. Good advice. Interesting you talk about getting outside the box because places like this are literally like boxes–people are physically isolated from each other and from decent food sources. It’s like when they narrowed the avenues in Paris so that folks couldn’t put barricades across them. Alienation is physically built into America. Folks who are isolated should get in touch more online to gain the resolve. Also, I think the new crop of raw foodists are really suffering from not knowing who Ann Wigmore is. People who are broke and stranded in suburban or rural areas could really benefit from her methods of sprouting and growing greens–it’s cheap!

  5. Choosing an organic, raw diet is much easier than we think. Slow and steady wins the race!
    Society makes it hard I wonder why? if you know what I mean! You need to find what you need. Initially, I have spent more money; however, now I see how much I am saving. I needed to be patient and watch the miracle happen. It took me around 3 months to see the benefits and they keep coming. I am healing from Breast cancer was diagnosed May this year! Doing well. I had a lumpectomy and radiation refused chemo and deciding on a hormone blocker I truly do not believe I need the medication.
    “One Day At A Time”
    Thanks so much for your videos:)

  6. I have had colitis for more than 12 years and I still don’t know what fruit and vegetables I can eat without getting sick. What can I eat?

  7. I’m from Poland. I really have limited access to good quality food. There are NO organic greens, not in the radius of at least 100km. Some organic fruits and veggies are available but as a single mother I absolutely cannot afford eating as clean as I would want to. BUT! I still eat at least 50% organics, fruits, veggies, and a little bit of meat but I’m thinking of quiting meat any day now. I started raw vegan cleanse yesterday and I’d like to continue for as long as possible. I cured myself from fibromyalgia and many ailments in 2012 with juices and coffee enemas but started eating less healthy later on, I included plenty of gluten in my diet which, although organic, brought back MS-like symptoms recently. It’s going to be difficult financially but I intend to get my health back completely with food and the right supplentation 😊 Baruch Hashem 🕎

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