No excuses! Grow your own food!

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9 thoughts on “No excuses! Grow your own food!

    • victory Leo You could grow sprouts on your kitchen counter. Or there may be a community garden near you, or an elderly gardener who would love help. Or you could guerrilla garden, or find a friend and share a lease on a tiny lot.

  1. ”if you keep doing the same things and expect the results to chainge – definition of insanity.”
    😃👍Thank you for sharing this video of your _tropical_ garden in Florida. Here in Finland vinter coming up, so yes growing sprouts ect. is a must. 🙏

  2. Paul I love your garden! It’s like you have your own garden of Eden 🙂 <3 . I've been watching your vids for years and I'm a vegan...but lately (bit more than lately) I've been eating a lot of junkfood and now I'm sick again...not getting into that, but I'm going to follow your advice for a raw food diet...I is healing. I do not have a garden but I can grow stuff on my balcony...that something right?

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