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Many Christians say we are no longer under the law. The Bible says that sin is transgression of the law. So if there is no law how can we transgress? In this video I explain what Torah is and what Law means. Also how to apply the law for our life.

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22 thoughts on “No law, no sin

  1. You say “Messiah people seek the truth”, so do you believe the earth is Round like your intro suggest or Flat like it’s written throughout the BIBLE… Especially Genesis?

  2. The Bible says the law was added to increase Transgressions, moses, until the seed , Christ.

    Law had a beginning and an end for Israel.

    Gal 3:19
    Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made; and it was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator.

    Yet death reigned because of Adams sin.

    Your flesh is all you need to sin.

    The law is for no believers as a Schoolmaster.

    Gal 3:25
    But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.

    But now faith has come to the believer he is no longer under the laws demands.

    Before faith you were under law.
    Gal 3:23
    But before faith came, we were kept under the law, shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed.

    Yo now are led by the spirit not the law.
    Gal 5:18
    But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.

    • The Ten commandments were Given to israel only as a Covenant. Fact
      The law does not stop transgressions…Fact
      The law increases transgressions….Fact

      Thats why we need to be Dead to the law.

      Please read the texts I quoted.

      You do not want to be kept under the law………because you cant keep it good enough

      Gal 3:23
      But before faith came, we were kept under the law, shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed.

      God has provided a new way.

      Gal 5:18
      But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.

    • damted the torah was given by YHWH to his people to keep us healthy and safe and to show us what is sin. the torah is and always will be perfect, and remember what yeshua(jesus) said til heaven and earth pass not one jot nor tittle would pass from the torah is heaven still here…yes is the earth still spinning…yes so we must keep torah

  3. Peoples understanding of “under the law” is very flawed. It actually means the opposite of what most of the Christian world teaches.

  4. “Sins” were a legal debt under the olc covenant Law of God (Mosaic Law). “Sin debt” does not exist today because the Law of sin does not exist today; it became obsolete in AD 70. It does not exist today so as to condemn anyone as a “sinner” and to punish him.

    I am talking in terms of man’s legal standing before God, framed up in covenant outworking. ..

    The Gospel was how God removed sin and sin consciousness from  through
    the blood of Jesus Christ, and opened “a new and living way” for the Jewish man to access the presence of God (see Hebrews 10) .

    Its only those like Seventh-day Adventist,  who have rejected the revelation of Christ’s finished work two millennia ago, who will insist on calling modern-day believers “sinners” and who will insist on believers as needing to ask God for “forgiveness”. They
    have made the audience of scripture their own. They completely ignore the
    historical context of sin and the Law which had application ONLY TO
    ISRAEL (the Gentiles were NOT under the Law and were NOT counted as “sinners”) and make themselves ancient Israelites. Now, how dumb is that?

    “Sin” was breaking the Law of God (1John 3:4) given as a covenant to Israel ALONE. The Law was exemplified in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) and contained such things as “do not lie, do not steal, do not commit adultery, honor your father and mother,” etc. When someone broke any of these covenant laws, he had committed a “sin” and the result was IMMEDIATE punishment under the Law. He paid the legal debt of his “sins”.

    But the Law could NEVER take away “sin” per se, all the while the Law remained. So what God did through Jesus was to reconcile man (headed up in the Jews) to Himself through the perfect righteousness of Christ who BECAME MAN’S WISDOM, JUSTIFICATION, SACTIFICATION AND GLORIFICATION (1 Cor 1:30). In other words man was made  complete in Christ.

    God removed both the STANDING and the SOURCE of “sin”, which was the standing of the old man of sin in Adam, whose mind was that of the flesh.

    By virtue of taking away that STANDING and that MINDSET, God took away “sin consciousness” and the Law that created the bondage of “sin consciousness”. GOD removed the “debt of sin” bult up in man’s mind, ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME through His Son. In effect, God declared “Look, I have removed your sin from you and now you are clean, you are freed from bondage of sin and the Law given through Moses to serve me in the freedom of your spirit (Rom 8:1-3). It was impossible for man to serve God in his spirit all the while he was under the condemnation of the Law and bondage of sin
    consciousness which the Law perpetuated.

    This is why Paul commands his audience of Jewish converts to serve God NOT in the OLD WAY of the written code (ten commandment law) but in the NEW WAY OF THE SPIRIT (Rom 7:6) .They were no longer to see hemeselves as sinners under Law but to see themselves AS GOD SEES THEM >>> as saints under the Spirit of Grace. They were to see themselves as dead to Adam and as alive with Christ (Rom 6:1-6). Why? You are what you believe yourself to be; hence, “as a man thinks so is he”

    Our standing before God today is as new covenant creation sons and daughters with Christ in God, not as old covenant creation sinners in Adam and his world. Those like Seventh-day Adventists, who persist in calling wrong-doing today as “sin” and talk about the need for “forgiveness” today in that context, are promoting old covenant law of sin and death. They are undermining the finished work of God in Christ. And THAT friends, is spiritual suicide.

    When Christ died on the Cross he said Father forgive them for they know
    not what they do. And God heard that prayer. He buried all sins when he put the old man to death, legally, representatively,  in Christ on the Cross.
    We must stop trying to dig them up again. Its offensive to God.

    • I’m sorry Brian but for all the words above, you have absolutely no understanding of the Scriptures – old or new testaments. Your understanding of God and what Yeshua accomplished on the cross has been twisted and warped by modern ‘Christianity’. I feel for you brother. If only you had ears to hear what Paul Nison was saying, you could’ve been set free from your erroneous thinking. Paul is completely in line with Scripture – you are not. Maybe you should listen to this message again, only this time open your mind and your heart. For your sake I hope you do.

    • On the contrary I absolutely DO have an understanding of scripture. And I know I am right.  Of course you will say that about what is being teached today …that’s because in your mind you are suffering from a crisis of identity…you think you are an old covenant Jew living under sin-law-death paradigm. You refuse to believe the gospel. Now THAT is what I would call feeling pity for.  Accept the gospel. come out of the old into the new; it will set you free not only from your old covenant mentality but from your arrogance. 🙂

  5. What would you say about when Jesus washed Peter’s feet and forgave him (in advance) of sin he didn’t commit yet? If Jesus knows our hearts, and knows that we will fall short why can’t he forgive us all in advance like he forgave Peter? Why did he choose Judas as a disciple when he knew he was a devil and that he would betray him? Why would he desire Judas be saved if he knew Judas would commit suicide? Doesn’t seem like he wanted Judas to be saved. If he did, he would have never chosen him as a disciple knowing full well he would be possessed by the devil and would suffer eternal damnation.

  6. If I am dead then I am no longer under the Law… I have died in Christ, yet I live in Christ because the righteousness Jesus is imputed to me. I now live under a New Covenant in Christ.

  7. Torah ministries read roman’s 6 nd see when you accept Jesus Christ as Savior all ur sin past present future is crucified unto death so how can you sin so you keep trusting IN yourself and be judged by the Law the bible says IN roman’s for no flesh is justified under the Law

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