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    • +KI D remember not to consume too much fat. Vegetarians eat too much dairy. Thats the biggest mistake. Good luck and I hope after a while you will take another step and become vegan 🙂

    • I really appreciate your encouragement, people in my own house give me a blank stare like” whatever”, I need to CHANGE what is going on with my body, and I refuse to stay sick. They are filling up on medication likes its oreos, side effect after side effect, more pills. NO THANKS. Its been months since I have been like 60% veggies and fruit and the rest grain, nuts beans and meat. I am feeling like a new person ready to kick that up another notch.

  1. That’s a convert right there! Did the talk include information about changing your gut fauna? The less animal products you, the more good bacteria you will have living in your large intestine and your health will soar!

  2. I agree that the idea of what they feed animals is scary. I’m blessed to be able raise my own. I know what they eat, I feed them. Grass, and oats for my sheep, working on growing my own quail food.

    • +sarah Aiken Yeah…that’s a good answer… I’m sorry–I call Jimmy John’s like he is my boyfriend. LOL!  Yeah, I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow!! 🙂 lol!  Seriously…I’ve dropped the ball…

    • I think that there should be balance because all food has been contaminated including fruits and vegetables, Monsanto has been busy. This guy might feel good now but I would like to know how he feels in the next couple of months or after a year. Raw grass fed milk, cheese and butter, bone broths (from Kosher animals and yes I mean it what the eat as well, duh), and truly kosher meat are very nutrient dense. I know many who go vegan and don’t buy organic eat lots of process soy product substitutes (instead they could have gone to their local farmer and gotten some real raw milk, cheese and other products) and still taxing on their health. I find the way Paul Nissan looks at food a little lop sided. If you want a more balance look at food and health Dr. Weston A. Price’s book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ is a good read. He was not kosher but he traveled the world trying to figure out what went wrong in the American diet and his main conclusion is the process food was to blame not meat. I’m not against veganism for a good cleanse but as a long term answer to the health problem, I don’t think it is the right thing. Plus another thing I’ve seen amongst die hard raw vegans is that their inability to acknowledge when their diet is no longer working for them, they’ll start loosing teeth and strength and other problems, because it becomes part of their doctrine and that I find scary.   

  3. I really have to stop eating meat also.  I won’t even hurt bugs yet I still continue to eat meat.  I feel bad picking weeds or mowing the grass yet thats mental how I still eat animals.  Thats messed up.  We just ate at  burgatory a couple hours ago.

  4. Yahushua ate fish if that is meat other than fish I have been meat free for over a year
    Oh i did have lamb at Pesach but very little and farm raised

    • there is nothing wrong with eating meat as long as its not to much and its the meat God says we can eat then its ok Jesus was perfect and even he eat clean meat like fish with scales and Lamb its good that paul wants people to eat healthy but wrong to make people look bad for eating meat not all is bad and no matter what we are going to die Gods word talkes about how we are not promised today are tomorrow now im pretty sure the scripture does not say it like that but some thing similar to what i typed God bless

  5. Jeeeeeh another vegan in Yahwehs family :). It is not only about that eating animals is not good for our body…the way they are being treated is not very loving.

  6. How about he stops eating meat to spare the animals’ lives instead of just thinking about what tastes good to his gluttonous taste buds?

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