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No one has ever eaten meat only and survived

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26 thoughts on “No one has ever eaten meat only and survived

    • +DaveCraves RawFood actually you’re very wrong we do need drains complex carbohydrates is the body’s main source of energy and that’s why you raw vegans look skinny and sick

    • +Yochanan Miller haha ok…. the body uses simple sugars. It has to break those complex carbs down to be utilized. Btw potatoes aren’t grains and are starch so if you want cooked food then eat that but grains are for the birds brah

  1. Just learned about you from one of Johns Kohler videos. How long did it take for you to fully heal from your IBD? I’ve dealt with IBD for 5 years now, it sucks. Was cooked vegan for 2 years, then switched back to animal product diet and now high raw for a year, mostly fruit, trying to find something to help. Have seen a little progress but not much. Feeling like I’m missing something or else it’s just going to take a long time for me to heal. Frustrated. I attempted hippocrates diet with sprouts and no sugar/fruit but it wasn’t maintainable for me. Found Dr Morse and switched to a high fruit diet and that made raw possible for me for long term. I heard a similar story of a guy who did vegan diet and raw vegan diet, never got the results so went to a meat diet and felt so much better (vegetable police). I understand the chemistry and know that meat is not healing nor designed for our anatomy so I will not be eating cooked burnt dead animals in an attempt to heal my colon. I am planning to maintain raw because I honestly just really like it, I love fruit, its been one of my favorites treats my whole life, I am just wondering how long it took for you being on a raw diet before the pain finally went away. Thank you so much for your honesty and truth.

    • Had a surgery for Crohn’s 6 years ago, switched to cooked vegan, got in remission for 4 years, something wasn’t right so I went high fruit. 2 years later and never looking back. When I started high fruit, however, the excrement hit the fan and I never slept a single night I was in so much pain. It was harddd. Didn’t digest any fruit well, even bananas, for 7 months. I am so glad I stuck with it. Learned a lot along the way. Dedicating my channel to talk about those things!!

  2. NO ONE can live off of one thing and be healthy, that;s meat, oranges, grapes or what ever. GOD is about plenty of variety, one will be deficient in many vitamins and minerals. Meat is hell on the system and will cause the body to freeze and then die at a torturous pace. Fruits , veggies , nuts, seeds, and some grains (maybe) are the way to go.

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