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Pastor Carl Gallups lends unique expertise to the correlations between ancient prophecy and modern headlines in Ground Zero: Jerusalem.

This week, Pastor Carl dives into the importance of the nation of Israel in the end times, as well as other geo-political topics that have prophetic significance in our world today .
Prophecy is foretold in the Bible — and fulfilled in today’s news. But America is not mentioned in the Bible, so can there be any true connections between modern America, Israel, and the end times?

In this series, you will learn how prophecy works, how modern America ties into ancient prophecy, why Israel is in the crosshairs, which countries to watch, and what’s about to happen next!

Make sure to catch this timely discussion on the next episode of Shabbat Night Live!

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18 thoughts on “Obama vs. Netanyahu | Haman vs. Israel

  1. Obama is a Radical Muslim Extremist. He hates Israel and He hates the United States because we are at least 70% a Christian Nation.

  2. Didn’t God say to Abraham, ” I will bless them that bless you and curse them who curse you?”
    I would not want to be in Barack Obama’s shoes, but thank God for Donald Trump!!!!!!!

  3. I just fact checked it and its 100% real. According to wikipedia the deal was signed on 2nd of april 2015 before sundown. Thats 13th of Nissan. The same date Haman had the ball where he got the king drunk and made him sign the deal.

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