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Today's video is an interview raw food chef Elaina Love. Elaina has been eating a raw food diet for many years and is one of the most popular raw food chefs in the world. Enjoy today's video.


7 thoughts on “One of the most popular raw food chefs talks about the raw diet.

  1. Also, do you believe 10 different cows should eat 10 different diets? Should 10 different tigers be eating differently?

    We are all human beings, we have the same physiology; the same digestive tract; the same stomach, etc. Why should we all be eating so radically different from each other? Do you think eating another animals milk is actually the normal thing for our species?

  2. Paul didn’t say he was allergic to raw foods or vegan foods for that matter. He claims that they cause deficiencies.

    Again, why not just move to a healthy cooked food diet (like a Dr. Fuhrman or Mcdougall) diet instead of promoting animal products?

    I have one theory: As long as it remains “raw” he still has credibility and can make a living milking the raw title (pun not intended). If he goes for a healthy cooked vegan lifestyle, he would lose all his followers.

  3. I’m very open minded to scientific fact that we do not need animal products in order to thrive (with some supplementation, which aren’t the fault of the diet, per se). I’ve been vegan over a decade and have raised a family of vegans for close to 8 years now, we have no deficiencies.

    Paul can do very well promoting a healthy VEGAN diet, but the constant self-validation of his constantly changing mind are becoming quite obvious.

    I hope he finds the path that works for him (long term).

  4. Actually, Paul’s version of the “daylight diet” is simply to eat within certain times of the day. If he believes that humans are so different that their diet should be radically different, yet he believes that people are awake and able to eat all the same times of the day.

    In reference to nightshades, certain people are allergic to them, although many (sweet peppers, tomatoes, etc.) are considered to be super-healthful foods.

    For the most part, they are of no concern in moderation.

  5. LOL. Don’t fool yourself. Even cow’s milk is fortified with vitamins!

    Yes, I supplement with vitamin D (I don’t get out in the sun and we have long winters here) and B12 (thanks to the sterilization practices of the modern agri-industry).

    I don’t supplement everyday, or ever week for that matter and don’t eat fortified foods. My bloodwork is pristine.

    I’m open minded to options that work, not opinions that come from confused people.

  6. It is refreshing to be reminded that mental activity also influences our health and is just as important as the foods we eat. It is nice to hear it incorporated with raw food information.
    I too am reversing and healing leukemia.

  7. Bravo! Great video post and I agree with the issue of meat and dairy that if we need it we must consume it, as we dont completely know what it is in these foods or completely missing from our bodies that we are to rely on them for support. this is a journey that should be embraced with both arms and without judgement.

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