Open Air Preaching – Clematis Street- West Palm Beach, FL
Here is a new video letting people know about Yeshua!

Don't be ashamed!
Go, Stand, Speak!
Share the good news of Yeshua (Jesus)

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19 thoughts on “Open Air Preaching – Clematis Street- West Palm Beach, FL

  1. Paul, what Bible are you using? I know from the past you used the One New Man Bible but do you change it up? Are you using something different now? Which do you prefer? Thanks, brother! YAH Bless

  2. I really respect you Paul for spreading the gospel like this, if only there were more followers willing to do this (Gods will) not our own, there are far too many lukewarm followers out there living cosy lives with a watered down gospel to suit their will rather than Gods there is a dying world out there. PRAISE JESUS/YESHUA. I have found your videos so informative and encouraging as a new believer. Thank you Paul.

  3. Blessings Brother Paul,

    Again, I would like to take this moment to commend your strength and to uplift your walk…you continue to let the flesh and physicality of this world die…unaffected by the Florida heat and the embers of Hell…allowing the “Blood” to cover your words and Yahweh’s light to shine bright, through and though.

    The unclean spirits are very much in contention with that which you speak…and are clearly observed being stirred up like hornets within the sinners that you reach.

    In that, I say press on…for with pressing, only the most righteous will be deemed.

    (Would like to take a moment, to also acknowledge Brother Zachary’s patience, commitment and dedication…not only to the Word, but in making these videos possible.  Yahweh will reward you greatly)


    Brother Ahmad, Sister Lesley, and family
    Atlanta, GA

  4. Wow!! Much respect for Brother Paul. Very brave and loving to speak truth like this. May The Father bless and protect you for ever in the name of Yehoshua. Amen.

  5. Paul so glad you have a copy of Don’s Bible! it is a real blessing to have one myself. I spent 7 weeks with Don in Israel in the Ambassadorship program. I hope to join you on a Shabbat hangout soon. Be well, Shalom B’Shem Yahshua -Joshua

  6. Paul, have you all considered using a Hand Held Loud Speaker, they come in handy in areas where there’s allot of Noise. I’ve noticed in the other Video it was slightly difficult to hear, I could hear you, but those Loud Speakers might be helpful!

  7. what is that man talking about you have been telling people to repent and about how the Kingdom of heaven is real thank Yeshua He protect you through the Holy Ghost

  8. Hey Paul, I hear you believe in “Oneness” that is a false doctrine brother! Messiah is the SON…He and the Father are NOT one body….Messiah sits at the right hand of the Father!…Messiah does not know the DAY OR HOUR that He will return, ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS…this is NOT possible if they are the same person….our Heavenly Father does NOT have multiple personalities! This is a very corrupt teaching!

    Sinners ALSO do NOT go to HELL!!!! That is a lie also….you are in DANGER teaching these falsehoods..there is ONE FINAL DEATH FOR SINNERS, the lake of fire (known in scripture as the SECOND DEATH)….they go there AFTER the 1,000 years!!!! Stop teaching these false teachings PLEASE, we NEED good street preachers who teach TRUE doctrine.

    Please stop this, repent and teach TRUE doctrine. Thank you.

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