Today we have a very special guest, Bible teacher, Andrew Gabriel Roth who answers the question, does our Creator and His Son have names? The answer may shock some people but you need to hear this! Andrew has done his research and is 100% correct! Be sure to check out his website at


25 thoughts on “Our Creator Has A Name And It’s Not Jesus

  1. the new testament wasn’t orginally written in greek,it was originally written in aramaic and translated into greek.Jesus,his disciples and apostles did not speak greek,they spoke aramaic and hebrew

  2. Whoever told you that mate was lying to you. The NT was originally written and inspired in Koine Greek, which was the common language of the day. The same as English is today.
    All the earliest manuscripts of the NT are Greek.

    It is well known the Apostles and Jesus spoke Greek. What language was Jesus speaking to the Romans, Gentiles and Pilate in?
    What language did Paul use to speak to the Jews in Antioch? Around the Med?
    We have Greek stone signs from Judea in the 1st century.


  3. Every Aramaic NT is a translation from the Greek and they are later copies. The Syrian Old Testament was translated from the Hebrew in the 2nd century AD. Greek was already translated from the Hebrew 300 years before Christ and it was the Bible the Jews read in Egypt, Asia Minor, Rome etc

    No one disputes the NT was written in Greek in the 1st century. Christianity would not have been much of a movement if it hadn’t since it was to be proclaimed to the whole world. Greek is more accurate 🙂

  4. Beware someone who says “no one disputes” something so controversial as the original language of the NT. That person is lying.

  5. Jesus spoke Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.

    /* he did not come for the greek/gentiles */

    What is that supposed to mean?

    Did the Jews speak Greek to each other? YES.
    Did Jesus speak to the Gentiles? YES.
    Did Jesus parents go down to Egypt where the Jews there only speak Greek? YES
    Where did Jesus grow up? In Judea? NO
    Jesus grew up in the gentile area of Galilee.

    Saying that Jesus never spoke Greek is a lie. He reads from the Greek Septuagint in Luke 4. All the Apostles in the NT spoke Greek

  6. /* Where is the source from which you got that the Jews spoke Greek to eachother? */

    New Testament written in Greek – AD 40 – AD 90
    The Greek Septuagint [Jerusalem – Judea] – 300 BC
    Josephus – AD 37 – AD 100
    Jerusalem Synagogue Inscription – Generation before AD 70
    Temple Warning Inscription [Jerusalem] – 19 BC – AD 70
    Cladius Inscription [Nazareth] – AD 41–54
    Letters written by Roman soldiers in Egypt to families in Rome are in Greek.

    Greek is Universal throughout Judea in the 1st century!!!

  7. /*Are you aware that the Gospels were written originally in Hebrew? */

    I am aware that no New Testament scholar says today that the New Testament was written in Hebrew.

    There are no manuscripts for such a claim. There was no reason for it to be written in Hebrew since the Gospel was meant to go out to all the world.
    It had to be written in Koine Greek because everyone spoke it. Its Logical.

    Are you also aware that Jesus reading in the Synagogue (Luke 4:16-21) was from the Greek Septuagint?

  8. A layman could not see the difference between Aramaic and Hebrew. They are almost identical. “Eli”, My God from Psalm 22 are identical.

    Do you not see in Matthew 27:46 when Jesus is speaking Aramaic from Psalm 22, no one understands what He is saying?
    The onlookers are speaking Koine Greek and quoting the name of Elijah (Ἠλίαν) from the Septuagint, the Old Testament of the 1st century.

    All the books of the New Testament were written in Koine Greek. Its a common language.

  9. Explain to me which disciple knew Greek? Secondly, why aren’t you aware of scholars who uphold a Hebrew/Aramaic New Testament? If Greek was common among so many why do we have in Acts2 the gift of speaking in foreign languages for the Jews and proselytes that were in Jerusalem keeping the Feast of Shavuoth(Pentecost)? They could just spoke Greek right? Learning Greek was frowned upon by Jews in Yahshua’s time. Do you have anything showing the NT was originally written in Greek?

  10. 5:20-5:22 He says the name correctly. It’s Yahshua. The old KJV had the correct pronunciation in the OT portion using Ioshua which is pronounced exactly like Yahshua. In English, remove the “J” in Joshua and you have Yoshua and correctly transliterated it is Yahshua. Yahweh’s name is highly exalted above all names and is seen so in the name YAHshua. It is calling upon Yahweh’s name and you can only hear it in YAHSHUA.

  11. I thought it was ironic that he said Judah with the J sound after they just supported the Y sound for Yeshua. Why not do the same for Yehudah? I’m not criticizing, but rather making an observation.

  12. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Roth, however I don’t think that what he said about Eve is true. Just because the Scriptures don’t specifically say that Eve was instructed not to touch the fruit, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. One case (of many) in point: The Scriptures don’t say a word about God instructing Noah about which animals were clean, and which were unclean, but yet Noah managed to successfully load the proper amount of each of them on the Ark.  

    • +heartbeat I think you misunderstood what I said. My point was exactly as you have indicated, which was just because there is no record of Yah instructing Noah in the Scriptures, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, because it obviously did.

      You know, just like the un-recorded event of Eve being told not to touch the fruit; which Mr. Roth simply assumed never happened. Hence, the reason he (erroneously) implied that Eve wasn’t telling the truth…

  13. Don’t crack your heads with YHVH or Yhwh Yahweh yehova and all this none scence you will never get it only four letters found so listen to the son the disiple ask yashua how to pray first thing he said father so just call him father

    • Excellent comment !.. I always found it hard in my heart to say my Fathers name feeling a disrespect.. We were never allowed to call our earthly fathers by their first names… and we would never call our Bosses by their names either…The first time I’ve read something that I’m actually thinking… Thanks 🙂

    • When the LORD GOD (see 2 Sam 24:1 & 1 Chro 21:1)) created domestic animals for the ADAM/BAAL (Gensenuis’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon : (4) Of the first man made GEN 2:7 In these passages at least this word is Strongs H121 and a PROPER NAME denoting man as one of his kind as BAAL or LORD) and they were presented to ADAM or the BAAL. ADAM NAMED the animals which in the original language has the connotation that ADAM dominated the animals and thus NAMED them. It makes sense that no one dominated the Living Father and He would not give the NAME to someone who could do much damage with it. His role which is only a partial reflection is that of a parental concerned party and is reflected in how He wants us to perceive Him as per Iesous showed us and not how the Torah portends. Iesous called Him Father and informed all who would follow Iesous’ teaching given by His Father that they would become sons of this Father. He outed that ADAM had the wrong idea that what ever proceeded from his loins ADAM owned but straightened out by Iesous in Mark 10 who informs that his Father is the one that joined the DNA as apposed to the LORD GOD/JEHOVAH. In fact DEVIL is appropriate as it is the opposite of lived which is dead. That is good enough for me. Jehovah has it in for all non JEWS. The Living Father of Iesous is the opposite to the Jehovah model.

  14. the roman cathlics jesuits came up with jesus   just study and it will become clear.. it goes so deep … that rabit wole.. im now karaite ,, but love health watchman   shalom

  15. Brother Paul I want to thank you dearly for making this video, so I can post it on my face book, because it’s really amazing how people don’t like using the name Yahweh or yahshua, but that has become my sworn mission in life to proclaim the names, praise yahweh.

  16. People are funny. They debate over languages. Look at Genesis 11:7. You cant make the right ones. But i know who My Lord is. He is The LORD. The Most High. Name above all names. I AM that I AM. The Alpha and The Omega. He is LORD of All Spirits.

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