32 thoughts on “Overeating is the cause of all disease

  1. Paul,  I would like to know your opinion regarding macrobiotics and following a vegan macrobiotic diet, thus eliminating tropical foods if you are living in a temperate climate like myself.  Macrobiotics also limits fruits, nuts and seeds to a few servings a week.

    • +The Health Watchman I disagree Paul.  Whole grains are the staff of life, and have been for thousands of years. Most Americans eat only about 1 % of whole grains.  That’s one of the reasons why Americans today are in such poor health.  They stuff their faces full of fat and cholesterol from the meat and dairy industry, and completely forget about adding grains to their diet.

    • +Mark Burton Grains today are not what they were hinders of years ago. Today it is mostly processed. Again, I didn’t say they are as bad as dairy and meat, just saying they are not the best and we shouldn’t make it the main part of our diet. The main part of our diet should be vegetables and fruit.

    • +The Raw Life Health Show I think some people can eat lots of grains, as they are today, and others cannot. For instance Asian society seems to be based predominantly on rice foods and the like, and overall their health is above average.

      however as much as I try I find rice very difficult, which is a shame for such a staple, but it is just something I can only really enjoy in moderation.

  2. What good fats do you eat?  I eat avocado, coconut, chia seeds, and a few nuts like brazil, almond, pecan.  Also, when I juice, and put butternut squash through the machine, I throw in its seeds.

  3. bless you Paul. You have helped me through your teachings alot. The Almighty has blessed you with this knowledge. You are a wonderful man of God. May Yahweh bless and keep you. i can affiliate with everything you went through health wise. I was a very sick child and am blessed just to be alive. But because of the Almighty teaching me how to come out of it, i was able with his help and people like you to come to health. So thank you! (: God bless your channel.

  4. ok thank you but eat apple is a sin god say do sin but you love you Genesis 3:6 go back to what god say we all knot sin is fun! so go eat your apple!

  5. Great video. Thanks. I have issues on overeating and struggles being a foodie and emotional eater. I love your diet lifestyle, Daylight eating, fasting, not overeating.

  6. …And Please stay away from Fast-Foods.!…My only problem is Beer…But I have cut down a lot…Though I drink only the Best Beers…Pure and Dark ones…

    • You are correct sir this guy is a disinformation channel overeating is not the cause of all disease all disease is caused by lack of proper minerals in the body that’s terrible own immune system you got to think about something when the egg is fertilized and it grows into a baby think about the miracle it took to get it there that miracle and cellular function doesn’t stop your body is designed to ward off and eliminate all if it has the proper gas to run it that gas is a there are 90 essential minerals ,amino acids , vitamins that you if your body has ample you can regenerate brand new 100% healthy cells you can end things like cystic fibrosis muscular dystrophy and AIDS with selenium I’m talking in the natural form not ionic the metal selinate and selinite are deadly . there toxic waste by products that people try to sell is selenium this is all legal by the FDA who’s the same government allowing the toxic food in your stores how you can judge that it’s a director for the FDA Michael Taylor was the CEO lead attorney for Monsanto the death seeds look it up same way with the USDA they go back and forth from Monsanto back into office government office .

  7. Paul, may GOD continue to Bless you – Thank you for making these simple to understand and informative video’s. I am 76 and a retired Ph.D. in Nutrition and I thoroughly enjoy listening and learning from you. You are helping lots of people stay strong and become healthier. I also enjoy reading the reviews that are posted. Keep running the good race 🙂

  8. Damn man thankyou.. im in the midst of a flare and im learning a lot from these videos.. i was eating proteins from chicken but i think im gonna stay on a blended food and juice diet,,

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