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Papaya and mono meals

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20 thoughts on “Papaya and mono meals

  1. Love fresh fruit off the trees, and a papaya smoothie (with water and stevia) is so refreshing on a hot day. Love all the fresh fruit we get in latam! Good advice on eating raw fruit and vegetables BEFORE eating cooked/processed foods. BTW, your backyard looks like the jungle!! A good one, tho. And I have yet to try the black sapote! Oh, that looks heavenly.

  2. wow, i wont see tomatoes in my garden until june or july, wow, i miss florida….well, not that much, was there 44 years ago when i was 20 and said i am never coming back as it was so hot i could not believe it, i will take the midwest over florida any day…..

    • +The Raw Life Health Show well, i say that, for now, but i am 63, and, my mom passed 2 years ago and she lived in st.augustine and my uncle lived in miami and maybe i said, and you will laugh, i would take the mid west over florida is because of how i got down there, which is, a buddy had the same exact honda cb350 motorcycle and we were both 19 and his uncle owned a store in miami so we rode these small bikes from chicago suburb to florida and while there on down to key west and we made it back to illinois no sweat, but i thought, that was very tough, even for a young guy, to ride so far, and maybe that is why i always think i am never going back, but i would take my truck this time as i am leaning towards warmer weather, with a few hurricanes thrown in here and there, cannot be much worse than tornadoes, have seen one last year and scary as hell to see one i tell ya cause you do not know which way they can travel to next……

  3. Love it, I have baby mango trees in the house for the winter. I’m in Arkansas, sure wish I could let them grow outside to maturity but we get pretty cold winters here.

  4. Here’s my 2 cents…….Papayas can be female, male and hermaphrodites. The only way to know is by the flowers. Big flower tucked very close to the trunk (which is not a real trunk)= Female. Flowers that are far away from the trunk= Male (long flower. Small flowers) intermediate= hermaphrodites. Usually commercially they are sexed first and then planted✌️🧙🏼‍♂️🦠

  5. Definitely inspired. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and my grandson was born with cystic fibrosis five months ago. This is why I am putting in the hours after work and my off day to work my land and plant as many diverse things as I can. Having a very small budget, I just use the money I would have spent on other things to buy non-GMO trees, shrubs and seeds, organic soil and soil amendments. The rest I grow from seed or cuttings, which saves money but requires a bit of patience to get to that fruiting stage.

  6. Now that’s a yard 😎 Hey do yo uh know anything about raw olives and are olives in grocery store good too eat if your 100 raw not sure if citric acid is bad? It says that on the bottle.

  7. I find baked pumpkins/squashes with a raw salad to be satisfying, especially when fruit quality is not so good or when detox is too much. I think Miami fruit is a great thing but it’s way too expensive for me and for most people. The best thing is to relocate to a warm country in my opinion, something I am working on, when I move I want it to be permanent.

  8. Super inspired. I pretty much follow 80% raw as a college kid in North Carolina. With no one else around me that really eats like me but it’s possible especially with your intel. Yah bless 🙏🏿

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