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13 thoughts on “Parents Fight Childhood Cancer With Natural Treatment

  1. the HOSPITAL called cps bc the parents wanted a diff approach? this chills me. jesus! thank u ryan. i will chk out the website and pray for lil Ryder.

  2. Awesome warrior parents!!! We have a similar story where we has to move to CO to save our daughters life! She had an allergic reaction to antibiotics that nearly killed her! So happy to see so many parents standing up to dr’s and big pharma and winning with all natural treatments!!!

  3. AWESOME! May Ryder continue to go from strength to strength and WELL DONE guys!
    If ONLY all parents were as informed and as wise as you!
    ~South Africa~ xox

  4. there is a study that has shown that if someone is doing chemotherapy you shouldn’t be eating well. the two are not compatible. that is how powerful the raw diet is it works against chemotherapy.

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