Passover Celebration at Straitway

Please watch: "Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned"



24 thoughts on “Passover 2016 Simple Understanding

  1. Shaul in Col2 gave some good advice on this topic. Can you imagine the contention that existed when there was a physical temple waxing old and a spiritual one existing side by side at the same time?

  2. This is why I watch your channel.  I’m seeking knowledge and truth. I have admitted to God I am a sinner, and I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and accepted Him as my Savior.  However, both the Old Testament and New testament is sometime difficult to understand.  I’m going to start allowing more time each day to read them, for I am seeking the truth.  Pastor Dowell we may differ on some small things, but most of the time, I agree with you and your teaching.  I’m just trying to learn and I thank you for sharing the Truth.

  3. It seems everyone I’ve heard that gets contentious over when the feasts are “suppose to be observed” have NO POWER of His Spirit backing them up, nor do they have the fruit of The Holy Spirit in their lives. When The King returns there will be no more arguing over when the feasts take place!

  4. This is such a cool video @PastorDowell. I just wanna say thank you for all that you do. #Shalom I can’t wait to see the other videos. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  5. I have a friend, whose an older lady, she’ll love to meet a preacher like you! We’re working together to restore order and conservatism to a lost generation!

  6. Since the events of Passover did not take place in Straitway, the weather in your area is irrelevant. The Jewish holiday calendar goes by spring time in Eretz Yisroel. For the record, the first night of Pasach in 2016 is April 22. It comes a bit later this year because 5776 on the Jewish calendar is a leap year with an extra month.

  7. When we begin to go based on what we see instead of what is written is when we have issues. Man has done a job of making sure that the weather and seasons world wide is off. But, I respect your right to honor Passover as you so desire. Bless you all.

  8. The book of Daniel is sealed until the time of the end.
    Dan. 12: 4 and 9.

    There has never been an Empire in history called ” Media- Persia.”

    Daniel lived in the Persian Empire.

    Dan. 8: 17 tells Us that the RAM and the GOAT fight at the time of the end.

    Dan. 7: 11. tells us that the 4TH beast dies first.

    Dan. 7: 12 tells us that the first 3 beasts will be alive for a season and a time LONGER than the 4TH beast.

    For these scriptures to be fulfilled the 4 Beasts of Daniel 7 MUST be alive at the same time. The time of the end. Dan. 12: 4 and 9.

    Dan. 8: 20 Is Media and Persia at the time of the end.

    Persia will unite with Iraq and then unite the middle east under Islam.

    Persia will go to Yahweh’s LAND and put to the sword EVERY man, woman, child and baby jew in Israel. No survivbers. NONE.

    10 Million jews world wide will die.

    This will cause the GOAT to come from the west.

    Dan. 8: 5.The GOAT comes across the face of the whole earth.

    This scripture is literal.

    The GOAT is the united nations with America leading the WAY.

    Dan. 8: 8 tells us that America will win the war with Persia and then break into 4 nations.

    Out of 1 of the 4 nations will come the false messiah. Dan. 8: 9.

    The false messiah will put America back together again. Rev. 17: 8.

    The people on the earth will SEE America that was, Is NOT, Yet is.

    The false messiah will be crowned KING of America. Dan. 8: 21.

    The false messiah will go to Yahweh’s LAND and enter the golden gate to the temple mount showing that he is the King of Israel and the King of the christians.
    Ezekiel. 44: 1-3.

    Yahshua entered the golden gate 2,000 years ago onto the temple mount and presented Himself as the Passover Lamb for inspection.

    They found no fault in Him.

    Then the false messiah will be crowned KING of the world.

    King of Kings. King of 10 Kings. Rev. 13: 1- 5.

    Then will be fuflfilled 2 Thes. 2: 3- 4. This scripture is literal.

    The false messiah will be Satan’s literal genetic son.

    Rev. 11: 7 tells us that the beast is NOT a human man.

    The beast is a hybrid human. 2 thirds angel and 1 third human.

    Satan’s son ruled the earth in the Days of Noah.

    Satan’s son will rule the earth for 42 months before the second coming.

    Yahweh does EVERYTHING twice.

    My hearts desire is:” Rev. 22: 14. Rev. 21: 1- 4.” These scriptures commence at the second coming.

    rev. 20: 4 and 6. rev. 5: 10. Matt. 5: 5.isa. 2: 3- 4. isa. 11: 6- 9. Isa. 66: 22- 23. Micah 4: 2- 3. These scriptures are fulfilled in the Thousand years.

    Zeck. 14 is the second coming.

    Zeck. 14: 4- 5. The great valley is the resting place for Yahshua’s BRIDE as the home for the SAINTS during his thousand year reign on the earth made new as king of kings and Lord of lords.
    Rev. 21: 9- 10. Rev. 21: 2. Gal. 4: 26.

    Zeck. 14: 9. And Yahweh will be The GREAT KING over all the earth during His Messiah’s thousand year reign as king of Kings.

    Zeck. 14: 16. the nations are still on the earth AFTER the second coming and will go up to the new Jerusalem to keep the feast of tabernacles for the thousand years.

    Matt. 5: 5. The Meek will inherit the earth made NEW commencing at the second coming.

    1 Thes. 4: 15- 17. This is the fulfillment of Tabernacles on the earth at the second coming.

    2 peter 3: 10- 13. verse 10. The second coming. verses 11 and 12 Yahweh burns the UNIVERSE. Verse 13 Yahweh creates the NEW heavenS and the NEW earth for His Sons thousand year reign on the earth made new as king of kings. Rev. 20: 4 and 6.

    Rev. 5: 10. The SAINTS will rule with Yahshua in the NEW Jerusalem on the earth made New commencing at the second coming.
    Rev. 2: 26- 28.

    Rev. 2: 1- 4. Yahshua brings His BRIDE with Him at His second coming .

    The tabernale of Yahweh is with men and they will be His childen and Yahweh will be their God.

    Isa. 66: 22- 23 and Rev. 21: 1- 4 agree perfectly.

    Rev. chapters 21 and 22 commence at the second coming and are fullfilled on Jundgement day. Rev. 20: 7- 15.

    Rev. 20: 7- 15 is a period of time of 24 hours. The Last day of this corruptible creation.

    John 6: 39, 40, 44, 53 and 54. the LAST day of this corruptible creation.

    Gen. 1 : 1. Yahweh created Time, Space and matter. The first day.

    Rev. 20: 7- 15. Yahweh will put out of existance this corruptible creation. The Last day.

    1 Cor. 2: 9. NOTHING in this corruptible creation is in Yahweh’s Everlasting Incorruptible Kingdom.

    BEFORE Gen 1: 1. There was the everlasting incorruptible Kingdom of Yahweh.

    AFTER Rev. 20: 7- 15. The Everlasting incorruptible Kingdom of Yahweh will continue.

    LOOK not to the things of this world as they will all pass away.

    But LOOK for things not seen. FAITH.

    May Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scriptures of things to come.

    Bless you

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