Passover began long before you think it did! Join Michael Rood as he recounts the original Passover… starting in the times of Noah! Watch this fascinating, in-depth study that takes you from Genesis through the Red Sea crossing. It’s all happening in this week’s episode of Shabbat Night Live!


19 thoughts on “Passover: The Path To Freedom – Shabbat Night Live – 3/23/18

  1. What a Great Teaching thank you Michael for your work and devotion.
    I have learned more from or through you than from any one also Hemian Gordan you both are 1st Class Men of God.
    I cant thank you enough ever for the under standing you have shared with me.
    My wish is God will open the eyes and ears of the closed minds of our friends and loved ones who still hold on to the man made rules of Organized Religion that has the souls of this lost Generation held in its grip please join me in this prayer AMEN.

  2. In some other interpretations, I can not recall who was it, the person explained that “see the nakedness” meant to have sex, so the verse was saying the Noah was raped by when he was drunk. And even more, confirmed by the fact that Noah realized what happened to him as soon as he woke up, before his other sons told him

  3. love esau raising , watched it though looking up Bill Cloud on youtube and it opened up my understanding even more , the spirit of YeHoVaH showed me how to find Michael Rood and all his guest. Know one here knows anything about this Teaching and I feel alone at times but not in a bad way. I live in New Zealand and I am a First generation born outside of my Island of Samoa. I come from a Mormon back ground and it’s been 9-10 months since i pulled away from that religion ..something didn’t feel right and it troubled me for awhile after i came out of the Temple here in New Zealand . So many here believe in this jesus guy and that he squashed the law through his work and deeds, but since I have been watching this Shabbat program it has educated me on what is truth and spirit.. I’m still a baby in this field but I’m growing in my spirit for the first time even though I am fifty this year.. 😎

  4. Yes u r right about the Passover but the last supper is accurate because it was the last supper Yeshua would be sharing with his disciples!

  5. The Passover for the spiritual sons of God is to get rid of the sin and darkness in your life, so the Christ Jesus may reign through us. I pray that we are lead by God’s Spirit in these last days…

  6. This is a great information and YHVH bless you ( Nehemia G. and Michael R.) to broadcast this message and have the strength to accomplish this task. Thanks a lot YHVH for these pious and keep blessing them forever.

  7. Got no problem with the fireplace and got no problem with them asking for support. What is it worth to you for the blessings of Abba Father? This channel and Mr. Rood are a blessing to all who receive it. Give according to what you receive. Shalom!

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