We are a nation of Hebrew Israelites who are commandment keepers; obedient to Yah (God) & our savior, Yahshua (Jesus the Christ). We are blessed with a vibrant deliverance ministry & life changing truth from a true Jeremiah 3:15 Pastor. We praise and thank Yah for all things!

In regards to what to expect from us – expect to hear things that will upset you. Expect to find things in your Bible that you have never seen before. You will be challenged. But the freedom in your life, and the relationship with your God that is possible – makes the journey so worth it!

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10 thoughts on “Pastor Dowell 10th Commandment Do Not Covet

  1. smh This is your gathering of the saints to seek the Lord in one accord? I wish people would truly awaken unto seeking the face of the Lord God and read His Holy Word for themselves.

  2. First, praise Yah, halleluYah for Pastor Dowell ministry and body. Amazing to hear Jordan’s story of persecution and strength. Same way living now, lone sheep standing only thing keep I from joining you all or land/home myself is money and the (credit)decisions I made before I knew Yah.
    Pray everyday and night I am found worthy to leave babylon, be found amongst brethren, sisters, wives and children. GLORY TO THE FATHER!

  3. All Glory to the most high YAH @Pastor Dowell bless you for a tremendous teaching today,it was for me,i learned about me during this,i have been disobedient to the most high YAH will,i didn’t obey structure,or the order of things,i accept the reprove and open rebuke,i want to thank you for those things ,I shall show myself to have truly repented,forgive my ignorance and disobedience,Shalom.

  4. pasta dowell…I was listening to this dr brown on the isrealites not being black he said they were middle eastern…I think its rubbish..then how do you explain moses when he was found as a baby..thats because the Egyptians thought he was one of theres so he had to be black….whats your take on this dr brown…he is on you tube..please let me know your thoughts..ty very much

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