35 thoughts on “Pastor Dowell what is going on with Silver

  1. Most of the people who are complain of the low silver price are the one who expected it to sky rocket within a short period of time then decided to buy. They want to buy high and sell low. Smart people buy low and sell high and the price is extremely low right now.

    • +Adrian Broadnax, All the more reason to buy with cash at coin shops instead of online (online means there’s an electronic record of what you bought and how much you bought). That way you have plausible deniability when you hide it and the cops want to know if you have any gold or silver (when it comes to America). You can bury it and claim you don’t have any precious metals and how are they going to prove otherwise? It will be impossible. You’ll be safe. But you’ll only be safe if you stay away from creating a paper trail.

    • +justaman6972, Junk is better for recognizability (so it’ll be more trusted in a SHTF situation). Junk is better for bartering because it’s fractional (and at cheap prices compared to bullion fractional). Silver is silver. If it’s cheap and it has advantages over bullion (like junk silver does) then it’s a good option. What are your reasons for recommending that he buy bullion instead of junk. You just told him what to do without giving him a single reason WHY he should do as you say (in other words, you didn’t explain why doing what you recommend is wiser than buying junk).

    • I think it is better to diversify.  I buy premium for when the market dips,  I buy sovereigns (mostly eagles) , and geiger bars,  90%,  and numis. I also buy extra premiums that are expected to do well when they first come out, I am able to flip them later on for profit to help fund my stack

    • +richardkuhlmeyer, I agree. Diversification is a good thing. But I was saying IF I could only buy one kind of silver for the rest of my life I’d probably choose dimes. But because I don’t have to choose, I buy many different things. But WMD barely has enough money to buy an ounce every month (it sounds like) so perhaps dimes are the only good choice for him. I don’t blame him. I’d probably buy dimes if I only had $18 to spend on silver every month like him.

  2. MANIPULATION. Deutsche Bank copped to charges in a suit that they and five other banks manipulated the price. If you hold paper, it is worth nothing, max the spot price. If you hold silver, you hold wealth. Silver should be $81 an ounce if gold is at a paltry $1141 an ounce. NOW is a buying opportunity for sure. When it hits the fan, you will be glad you have it where you can hold it in your hand.

  3. I love silver but who will trade for it when SHTF?? I know it has intrinsic value, but what will be trade able when things get hard?Maybe beans and rice and whiskey will be the articles of trade. You cannot eat silver or defend yourself with it! Just asking for your comments.

  4. The reality is, if there was a windfall in silver anywhere in sight, the elite would have it where the average Joe couldn’t acquire it if he wanted to

  5. Here’s the thing with silver…you should have some, PERIOD. Because it is dirt cheap, and there is no risk buying it right now. IF, the banksters lose control of the price, it will be a sight to see. At $16 right now, if you don’t have any, at least get SOME. I typically buy 10 ounce bars, one ounce rounds, and 1964 and older dimes, quarters. I do have a bunch of Perth Mint coins that are worth way more than spot….alot of times they are worth double or more than their silver content because of collectibility. Also I have many many Silver Bullet Silver Shield rounds that are worth $25-$35 per ounce. So, sometimes buying “limited” rounds and coins can be profitable also.

  6. Down to 16.80 an troy oz from 17.56 last week. Couldnt leave it had to buy some. Im thinking we might see 15 maybe even 14 an oz.

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