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50 thoughts on “Pastor Dowell’s Wife Answers A Woman Wife Role

  1. Black feminists are going to hate this video lol. Soon they will be out side of your home compound marching for so called women’s rights.

    • +Jerome Bostick​ feminism hasn’t destroyed the American family moral decay has mainly. And most American men contribute to that moral decay by things like porn and not being satisfied with the wife woman you have.

    • Feminism is a coping mechanism for women’s survival in a dysfunctional patriarchal system. Most native American indigenous people were matriarchal in beliefs not because they felt women were better than men but because the instinctual knowledge their women held was beneficial to peace harmony with the earth and each other. Colonialism in European patriarchy destroyed their balance and governing structure.
      Ps even the God of the bible told Israel to listen to the woman prophet in the old testament because she was intume with her God and the wishes of that God.

    • I think that women end with dishonorable men my sister simply because they are not abiding by the laws of the Most High and are relinquishing themselves and their bodies to the wills and whims of many men and these men (or even these women for that matter) have no intention of honoring anyone, less themselves. A woman should remain chaste until a man has chosen her to be his wife. We stand a better chance if we abide by the laws.

  2. Mrs Pastor Dowell your beautiful! I know I love taking care of my husband my child and my home My man works his butt off too pay the bills and feed our family I’m grateful to give him a clean welcoming home (he pays for) to come to that he can relax while I take care of him. I’m lucky to have a real man so that I can be a real wife and mother too. Is there any advise you can give to us women who are just beginning to raise families that will help keep us as strong and amazing as you have accomplished?

  3. I’ll be honest the reason she’s like this is because she got married so young. She wasn’t spoiled to remain a little girl beyond the age of 18. Most women, including myself, go off to college and continue to play and have fun. We work and are put in the position to have to fend for ourselves. It’s not fair to compare someone like this to most women of the world. Even if you want to change to become like this it’s a process. You have to want to change and work on it everyday.

  4. Sister Carol is a beautiful woman and I agree that a woman should cook and clean, but so should a man. I believe a man is the head as the Bible says, but being the head means that the man is also the biggest servant in the relationship. My question is this – Do you vacation together in other states or countries? Do you go for walks while holding each others’ hands and talk and laugh? Do you take Sister Carol out for a candlelight dinner to romance her? Do you sit across from her, look her in her eyes, and tell her what she means to you? Im not trying to demean you. Lord knows there are A LOT of women in today’s society that need to learn how to take care of a man and a house. However, I think you, Pastor Dowell are missing out on some things. For the greatest thing a woman needs is affection.

    • Dorian 07109 this is the best comment by far. A man should show his woman love and loyalty for things to go right! Not just going to a job and paying the bills ,at least to me. But he does have a great message for the women who don’t know.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I think Pastor Dowell MAY be missing the romance aspect that most women grave. However, I think MANY women are also failing to do what’s needed to make their men happy in a relationship. There is a saying “Happy wife, happy life”. I think the saying is only 50% true because the man’s needs MUST also be considered if the relationship is to flourish. If this is not done then the man is nothing but a slave in the relationship. Like that of a woman, the happiness of a man is also important, but society has yet to teach women what it takes to make a man happy as well. For example: The five basic things a woman needs to be happy in a relationship are 1) Affection, 2) Conversation, 3) Complete Honesty, 4) Domestic Support, and 5) Financial Support. Many men know this to be true. Why is it that MOST women don’t know the basic five things needed for a man to be happy? What is more, most women don’t even know the number one thing a man needs to be happy in a relationship. If the women did, they wouldn’t demean their men.

  5. I’m saving this video and every woman that I date must watch it, and if they do not agree with it , then they are not the one for me…..Thank you Pastor Dowell and Sister Carol.

  6. I’d like to hear her opinion about you marrying/banging around with another woman or 5 like you preach. I didn’t hear that in this interview. Please do a session on that. No hate, this is a real request here.

  7. you should do a video from the other side of the aisle as well with her asking you about the rolls that you did as a husband just so that it reaches everybody on both sides of the aisle that and I would love to see your answers I know this may seem odd but I would love to hear her appreciation of it as well

    • I said this before I finished the video I still think it would have been a interesting way to present it to have her start asking questions to you versus you just asking her if you did your part

  8. sister carol looks very young she is aging with much grace. Its funny because a lot of feminist would scorn her for putting domestic duties first, but to me it doesnt look like she is under the kind of stress they say submissiveness leads to.

  9. I don’t hate this video! However, if she is working full time and cooking and cleaning, so when Mr comes home what was he doing? Working, so was she! Then she had children and still kept a full time job, what was he for? So you are saying when you worked three jobs and she still did everything else, she needed you for a sperm bank…
    If she had a fill time job, she was going to eat! If she were single, she would still have to cook, clean for herself…what did you do for her!? what you purchase her a car and took it to her job! she would have purchased herself a car…you built a house and she helped…did you use any of the money she worked for?! All I hear from you is I, I, I, I, who used that phase much, hummmmmm
    You just said, You not going to go out to work and come home to cook, yet you insist she should and she has and take care of everything else…you got bags too, she is a beautiful 49, skin so lovely…people lied on Savior Yahshua so relax
    She is a great woman, however, warn any other females before they say I do…imo

  10. 30+ years of marriage! I was like Mrs. Dowell looking young!😄I was looking at the video and I agree in regards to a womans role. My mother did everything including working. So before my husband and I got married, i told him that I knew that I was suppose to cook etc. Then he immediately stated that he wanted to help. He comes from a family of professional cooks too. I feel that its okay for a man to help. If a women can help provide for the family, then the husband can help change a pamper. I’m sure if a women is overwhelmed, then its okay for her husband to give her a helping hand. My grandma was a pastors wife who had seventeen kids and I know she needed help. I dont think a man is weak because he helps. I grew up to see my mother, working, cooking. cleaning, etc. Its the norm. She was a help meet and then some. Seeing my husband wanting to give me a break, just to me, showed love. But if he didnt help, then I would not have thought any less of him; we just would have less of a load.

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