10 thoughts on “Paul Nison Blood Tests Results Part 1 #361

  1. Wow.. THANK YOU Paul, for being REAL and SHARING!.. Regardless of anyone’s ill intentions towards your/controversy/dislikes… by you being HONEST you are ‘better’ then the rest… i would love to see a blood test result form all the other Health Conscious Youtubers…

  2. hi paul, thanks for sharing your life with us!
    one thing jay was saying was that if our intestines and large intestines are not absorbing our nutrients properly…..and if they are healthy and functioning at an optimum level we will show, through these blood tests higher levels of nutrients. Also Jay wanted to know what food products you have added into your diet to help your blood work look better? Dr. Cousens recommends supplements too!

  3. youtube up ‘vegan blood tests’.

    It would be good to see Paul’s tests after 6 months on a ‘gymrat & fruitbat’ lifestyle.
    Vigorous exercise combined with sufficient fruit intake always brings about good blood/hormone levels.

  4. The IGF-1 issue is more complicated than what you’ve been told. For example, in Calorie restrictino IGF-1 is decreased, and this significantly reduces cancer, but when IGF-1 is increased they lose their cancer protection and some lifespan extension. Low protein intake + low calorie intake are big factors in levels of IGF-1. This study done by Dr Fontana at washington university who tested CR, Raw fooders, exerciers and WD. Reduced insulin/IGF-1 signalling PROMOTES longevity! see Ashkenazi Jews

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