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No, I'm not eating the toxic raw cacao seeds. I'm eating one of my favorite fruits, the black sapote, also known as chocolate pudding fruit.

In this video, my daughter Noa and I enjoy some freshly picked black sapotes from a friend's yard.


20 thoughts on “Paul Nison Is Eating Chocolate…

  1. That looks so good, I don’t think we can get these it Georgia. Just out of curiosity, what do you guys do for Passover? Since we are commanded to eat bitter herbs, lamb, and unleavened bread. It will be the first time eating meat and bread for us in a long time. I’m a little concerned in how our systems will take it. I’m going to give spelt matzah a try, just to lessen the gluten we intake.

  2. She couldn’t be any cuter!!! I’d love the name/number to the farmer you buy these from! I’d gladly place an order and pay shipping…look delish!! 🙂

  3. I’m in Ohio, and this is my first time hearing of the ‘black sapote’! WOW! I’m intrigued! I’m going to have to try to find some! Thanks Brother Paul! I Soooooo appreciate you!

  4. Thanks for posting. I smiled all the way through.
    A couple of month ago I had the pleasure to meet you and your lovely family at one of our local Green Markets and I can confirm your daughter is as precious off camera as she is on. You are truly blessed.
    Btw, do you know of any regional farmers who still sell ( homegrown, not imported) fruits like sapote, passion, persimmons,dragon, etc. at any of our local markets?

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