My Raw Friend Tim Van Orden came to visit me in South Florida. I showed him what I'm about to do with some land I just got. I'm planting his entire yard with fruit trees, so that I can live off the land, in a suburban environment.


14 thoughts on “Paul Nison’s Backyard Fruit Orchard

    • Thanks, Yes I have been dreaming about this for years. Always had a few fruit trees but now I can have as many as I need and want. 

  1. I am moving back to S W Florida for this very reason. To grow luscious tropical fruit trees. Central Florida is just too cold. Love the subtropical weather. Naples here I come. I may just take you up on your offer.

  2. Soursop, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Mango Corazón & Coconut from PR are amazing. Mexico has a Mango-Papaya which weights about 5 lbs each that fills you up like a meal. BTW Thank you for the Moringa seeds you shippes to Ocala Fl Paul they’re amazing. Blessings.

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