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Celebrity Chef Paula Deen has had diabetes for years but didn't reveal it on her famous high fat cooking show. What a shame to mislead people like this.

If you don't know it type 2 diabetes
is 100% diet related and the food
this lady makes and promotes on her
cooking show is misleading many people.

If you have diabetes or know someone
who does, they can be well in 30 days.
Please share this book with everyone.

Also see this amazing video about
getting cured from diabetes without drugs.


20 thoughts on “Paula Deen Has Diabetes, What A Surprise.

  1. @ylfriends Yes. moderation has always been important. But lets define what moderate means in this sense. In my case, i enjoy a good 1 pound of grass fed meat or organs a day with plenty of fruits and vegetables (all organic). Sometimes i’ll switch it up and replace the pound of meat with 2 or 3 cups of raw goat milk with a few raw eggs.

  2. @ylfriends So many people look at a pound of meat and think it is so much. But it is only 1000 calories. (only half of daily needed cals) Then they could eat a small piece of cake at a restaurant with a large milkshake and that right there is like 2000 calories minus any nutrition plus added chemicals and additives which aren’t gonna effect your weight, but will effect your health despite many studies say.

  3. @MrAria44 Moderation meaning, eating the good part to the point where it’s gonna benefit you. Anything has adverse effect if you have excess amount of it – even water. By the way, I think I have better control over food when I eat healthier kind.

  4. @ylfriends Well if you define moderation by eating the food until the point it benefits you, then raw vegans should be eating no more than 1 oz of nuts and seeds a day and a few cups of greens and fruits. Sounds like a diet to truly thrive on.

  5. Please Can you make a video of how to start eating raw. I believe a lot of people would live to go raw, but its difficult to start. examples, like what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, induction phase. Thanks for all your video.

  6. @TheJesusAwakening I made a bunch of videos last week about how I eat a raw food diet that should be very helpful. Just check a few days ago and you’ll see them on my yt channel.

  7. Thanks for the vid Paul – yep ya right and ya right to say what you said with ‘strong admonishing compassion’ – maybe – seeing that Ms. Dean ‘must be a Christian’ – you could help her out by posting her ‘a biblical breakdown’ of good, organic, fresh, ‘god-blessed/sanctioned’ healthy vegan eating. Encourage watching the raw food advocates on YouTube – especially ‘Hallelujah Acres TV’ – a ‘channel’ specifically looking at ‘biblical healthy eating’ – at least 50% is raw recipes, advices & stories.

  8. “okraw”,”liferegenerator”, and of course your channel will help her ‘transition to raw, organic, fresh, vegan living’ – encourage her to read Victoria Boutenko’s book on ‘green/fruit juicing/smoothies’ – maybe starting with one in the morning before or instead of breakfast and one in the evening before or instead of dinner – at a reasonable time like 6pm – 8pm – of course she must try and consume nothing after that time. She can watch RawFoodforMyLife – Bill’s a ‘regular guy’ like her right?

  9. For some reason, every time I put BUTTER on my potatoes and eat them, the next morning I wake up with my fingers tingling or my hands shut off temporarily, and then I have red lines all over my wrist arm areas.

    I am almost positive its the fat that blocks the sugar from getting into the cells.

  10. i rather call it livefood than rawfood because raw somehow causes people to think its not normal or something. live food much healthier than dead food by far and im not talking about jumping on top of a cow and taking a bite

  11. Yes you are right, diabetes is 100% related to diet, because I had it and thats the way I got it, but I adopted a raw diet and its gone, even though my Dr. told me I would have it the rest of my life, I went from a A1C level of 11 to a level of 2 in 10 months, I dont worry about it coming back cause my entire lifestyle has changed, I also love juicing too, I have at least 1 everyday and my body tells me how much it loves me daily. You are a funny guy and you tell the truth !

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