15 thoughts on “Pearls to swine

  1. Shalom Rabbi.  As usual, infinite wisdom from our Savior, Yeshua!  Not only is this essential behavior for dealing with the teachings of God, but I submit that this should be prevailing wisdom in all of our relationships. 

  2. Rabbi this message speaks to me as a second witness…Also proving Holy Spirit has again guided me into the truth of a matter I am now experiencing. Thank you for ministering these seeds of revelation.

  3. Thank you so much Rabbi Schneider.  It is amazing how you answered a problem that I had, actually with my parents.  I did not know what to do and I was asking God, and God answered me through you.  Thank you again.  God bless you!

  4. As God’s people, we are privileged to handle the “holy things” of the Lord. He has entrusted to us the precious truths of the Word of God (2 Cor. 4:7), and we must regard them carefully. No dedicated priest would throw meat from the altar to a filthy dog, and only a fool would give pearls to a pig. While it is true that we must carry the Gospel  “to every creature” (Mk 16:15), it is also true that we must not cheapen the gospel by a ministry that lacks discernment. Even Jesus refused to talk to Herod (Lk  23:9), and Paul refused to argue with people who resisted the Word (Acts 13:44-49). Notice that Jesus always dealt with individuals according to their needs and their spiritual condition.   He did not have a memorized speech that He used with everybody.  He discussed the new birth with Nicodemus, but He spoke of living water to the Samaritan woman.  When the religious leaders tried to trap him, He refused to answer their question (Matt. 21:23-27). It is a wise Christian who first assesses the condition of a person’s heart before sharing the precious pearls.  

  5. Yes, AGREE! I have at times pressed unbelievers to the point where they say: “The Bible was a book written by men.” After hearing that more than once I thought, I should NOT PROVOKE such speech. 

  6. The things of God do not make sense……but it makes hearts. This is the way of the cross. The secret of the lord are with those who fear him. How true are the things which you’ve shared rabbi. You continue to be an encouragement to all. Thank you and shalom.

  7. Thank you most of my family ignore my cry to repent and turn to Jesus and they never respond.

    I made a video teaching repentance but I was very uneasy about sending it out.

    This video seems like confirmation I should not I should dust my feet off and keep it pushing 🙂

  8. Lots of people who have misplaced their loyalties for what is false out in society. People who have sold their souls and are lost beyond hope.

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