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  1. This is very important/true information🙏🙏 It’s a fulfilling walk, you will spend alot of time alone(not lonely but alone). PRAISE THE MOST HIGH for freedom, confidence, and strength to endure. Shalom Family🙏🙏

  2. the ppl I’ve been helping I knew disliked me. they don’t come around much but they try and inform me of the truth I’ve told them a while ago.

    • Right there with yu. Showed someone pastors page and S.W now they’re trying to make me an enemy, acting as if they’re teaching me when they’ve only been watching the teachings for six months. Its a shame brother. They will learn.

    • Similar. I can see that but my friends were stagnant until they seen me move past the intro stage yrs ago and buy them begin new like me they felt I was going off but I was never forgiven the many times they came back to me questioning my lifes decisions, even though they took what I said and ran with it. I keep a distance because they deal with themselves in ways they are familiar but prejudices come toward me until I have to defend my own self. What better way than to use scripture?

  3. It is hard.  I’m not trying my hardest, I’m not letting go of evil all at once but slowly.  I sound crazy to people.  I don’t mind sounding crazy, I love talking about GOD and to HIM. Defending the faith is hard when no one knows all the answers.  But you have to be honest and sometimes say, I don’t know, to some things. But I have to keep walking, and finding there isn’t much time for debate. 
    Pastor Dowell, can you suggest a great layout of info, a site, a video, or paper publication which simply lays out the feasts, foods ok and not ok to eat, and or checking your foods ingredients to not be unclean to GOD?!

    • Capt PY2. You will find that you now have a new family and more reliable friends in this faith. Shalom brother, May Yah bless you for what you have sacrificed to follow him.

    • Don’t worry my brother you have a new family now. And much love too you and yours. One more think go get the book written by Horace Butler called when rocks cry out and listen too that brother story on how the world rejected him for exposing the truth. Believe me it shocked me too find out that the old testament started and was written in South America rather than Africa as they told us threw out our years. And the shocken truth was that the most high and ancestors have been feeding me this info by telling me that exodus also happen in South America, and yes Moses never went into the African’s Egypt but the Egypt of the America’s. That’s why they tell us the pyramids here in the America’s where built by the Mayan’s. Not true….. Just find that book written by that brother and I promise you 38 chamber’s will start opening up in your mind. Shalom FAM.

  4. pastor I’ve been reading the Torah or the old testament and i have found that the most high YAHAWAH speaks no where of a Jesus or YAHAWAHSHI so my question is where did Jesus Christ come from ive read where the most high YAHAWAH calls Israel is son .can you help.

    • LaserActiveGuy i think you should do research he’s not i qout frpm it to show all the decripencies how can so call Jesus say i come but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and then in john say he came to save the world.cpme on man . I believe in scriptures not gospels

    • I am not a scholar in the word and a fairly new convert to the isrealite way… but moses and jerimiah both proclaimed that God himself would appear to save his people from their sins… as for the ruah or holy spirit… its associated with speaking in tounges… i surmise that we always had a form of it since moses brought 70 elders before the most high and they too did so… thousands of years before jesus appeared.

    • LaserActiveGuy the most high said Elijah would return not Jesus,all im asking is read the old testament and. you will see if the most high YAHAWAH wants you to see he said he will reveal it to who he wants to let see remember Daniel was told the book was sealed till end time and only a few it will be revealed to understand.

    • the christian churches who primarily go to the new testiment only.. or get a precept from the new testiment then go back to the old is a grave error… i agree with u nt is not scripture .. only torah is scripture… everything else builds upon it… if you go from that perspective you actually could come up with bad doctrine with just nt alone. we also have a gauntlet of things that change and words… we have 4 translations before it gets into english from the original hewbrew…at least… and words in our own language change overtime… a weak example would be corn… in thr 1611 bible corn refered to grain today… most unlearned people would not know that… so that is a meaning change since the poorly translated kjv was written… minus thr letter j and what we would call misspellings…. as far as jesus… the bible is corrupt as we have it today but it retains the message good enough to obtain eternal life… as far as obtaining the power that anything u ask in my name with 100% authority that takes a lot of study and only the father can give understanding

  5. It’s like my old truth hating Christian great grandfather always said, “People will always wish you well, just not better than them.” Once you see the light of the greater truth, the masses become jealous, and jealousy is fuel for the fire of hatred.

  6. Pastor I just stated this walk a little over a year ago , you speak the truth
    funny what I have found so easy to understand and natural is so hard and
    foreign to those around me ,thankfully I have found fellowship close by
    with some likeminded people Hallelujah
    Shabbat Shalom

  7. I don’t always agree with you but I do agree with you 100% on this. interestingly I’ve had people say, the bible has been tampered with how can I believe in it? I tell them if that were so Gods word would still speak to them louder than ever and it’s all there and they need to look.

  8. Religion tell those they will die because of their sin’s. But the bible clearly state’s that ppl are going too perish for a lack of knowledge. That’s the difference between religion and spirituality. Religion teaches those too defile their bodies and they will be forgiven. When spirituality teaches those too respected your temple and life will be granted unto you. And we wonder, why we are a ppl that visited the doctors weekly. Or why our life span is shorter in today high technology system. Because we defile our own temple. When clearly in Daniel teachings we all saw that Daniel did not defiled his temple by drinking the kings wine drink or eating the kings meat. But drunk water and ate pulse instead. And so did the other three Israelite men and the most high had favor unto them and save their lives in the day of their affliction. But today everyone in the church eat of the kings meat and drink his wine. Yeshua never told any one to do any such thing. He told us to love ourselves and follow the creator, not these kings but ppl do things without her, who you may ask wisdom is she standing at thee gates. And ppl get mad at me and my small family because we do not serve their holiday’s any more. Because we see the truth and because wisdom has delivered us the truth. I see the truth know pastor. When I couldn’t see it before because i was drunken from the wine. Really good message and I have learned my lesson about given ppl truth your right about being patience. Great message. Shalom brother and family.

  9. the god of the Jews, Satan, Satan is a fallen angel, created nonhumans of clay image and likeness.
    pasteur you a Satanist, a wolf in sheep’s clothingfor what you lured people to himself

    nonhumans do not have a soul, they are stupid and they biorobots.

  10. In not trying to be nitpicky nor am I trying to reword what you have said Pastor. But with all due respect sir the WAR has already been won. No matter how bad it seems, we are going thru battles. One battle after another. Thank you for your warning Pastor. I will take heed to it.

  11. I really dislike when pastors start to share how they went over seas and shared some story to make themselves look good. I would go over seas too if I had the money.

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