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"The Torah is given by inspiration of God."

Join Michael Rood in this foundational teaching series that explains why and how we must repent and come back to the knowledge of the one true God revealed in his instructions — his Torah — in order to reclaim our calling as his priests to satisfy our thirst for real life, for real power, for living water… abundant life.

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One thought on “PFAL – Session 07

  1. Blessing brother Michael. I am new to your channel and appreciate your work and teaching. I am hoping you have or will have some teaching concerning the House of Israel and the House of Judah in regards to their returning home. I see in scripture that both houses sinned and went into captivity at different times and so far only the House of Judah has returned to the nation of Israel. Yet because the House of Israel did not return God has given a writ of divorce, but is prophesied to return. The 10 lost tribes, the scattered sheep which Yeshua said he returns for.

    I would also like your advice whether from scripture or the Holy Spirit as to how a person who is in the midst of a Babylonian system who has come to the knowledge of the truth and has heard the call to come out of her, may do so against all of the controls that hold it’s citizenry in bondage through delusion and resource? Thank you for any reply.

    Grace and peace in Yeshua’s name!

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