Power Filled Abundant Living

"If you obey the truth, truth in even more abundance will be given to you. And that truth will empower us to live a more than abundant life. It is Yeshua's will for us that we live a power filled abundant life. …The path is narrow, but it is not complicated."

Join Michael Rood in this foundational teaching series that explains why and how we must repent and come back to the knowledge of the one true God revealed in his instructions — his Torah — in order to reclaim our calling as his priests to satisfy our thirst for real life, for real power, for living water… abundant life.

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10 thoughts on “Power Filled Abundant Living – Session 10

  1. Michael I’m glad you take the sun god worshipers to task and expose what is at the root of their practices. To me it appears that you are giving the Pharisees a pass though. Surely you have become aware that most Rabbis follow the Kabbalah and that the star of David is really the Seal of Solomon and part of what led to the ultimate demise of Israel. Your relationship with them has yielded much understanding of scriptures and the temple practices. If that necessitates going easy on them, well so be it.

  2. Rood another great teaching. YHVH uses you in my life to answer so many questions I have in my walk and understanding. Simply Thank You!

  3. I love this series of teachings and the style! Just recently became an Ambassador Club Member in Feb.2017. Very glad to finally find the TRUTH being taught. Continued blessings on your ministry Michael!

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