I had to upload this to my channel. This is so great preaching. Some of the best I ever heard. Street Preaching works! or Train Preaching

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44 thoughts on “Powerful Preaching on the New York Subway

  1. Wow I could listen to him all night. Truly powerful those people were totally captivated the Holy Spirit was inspiring that man that night. I have been on NYC subways a million times this could of only happened if the spirit was present. Great post Paul!

  2. This young man is amazing. I could listen to him preach all day. I was a cocaine, alcohol and pill addict much of my life. The only thing that changed me was JESUS. He is the King of Kings and the Lords of Lords. We all need Him. keep up the good work my brother you’re a blessing to many of us.

  3. I applause this guy he speaks truth,he has a passion for Christ! made me teary eyed to hear him say his changes came through Christ…….i have been changed to i am still amazed! so much gratitude to the Father who’s love is unconditional.

  4. How beautiful are the feet of them who bring the good news of Jesus Christ! It is good to open our mouths to speak the Word of God to the lost.

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