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"And for this reason I have raised you up, in order to show you My power, and in order to declare My Name in all the earth."
Shemoth/Exodus 9:16

Praise be to Yahuah through His Son Yahusha.

-Hadarah BatYah


36 thoughts on “Praise be to Yahuah. Hebrew Roots Music. Original Song.

    • +Hadarah BatYah Yes Praise Yah so wonderful to find your page you have such a beautiful voice and a beautiful spirit it radiates right through your smile. My 15 yr old daughter and I were wondering how old you are if that’s not too personal and if you are signed to a major label? I know that they’re all all bad people so please don’t let them suck you in with all the loads of money they can give you in exchange for your soul, we pray for you because the entertainment world is a very disturbing group of people as I’m sure you have already seen. Also I want to buy your CD or download your songs from itunes. I love that you do songs in scripture, I love that. Now there is this artist and (other artist on yt)Β that sings songs in scriptures but is Christian. I sing them usually and change the words. But her name is Esther Mui I think you can find her on youtube Hoping maybe you can do something like this and put the real names in. Shalom Yah Bless you

    • +United We stand! Thanks for reaching out sis!! Sorry for the delayed response, I’m just catching up with a weeks worth of comments now, but that you for your prayers and your encouraging words! I’m much older than I look sis lol. I’m actually 34 at the moment ☺️ When I was a Christian I did the whole label thing… Been on TV and opened for major recording artists etc. Don’t worry I have no desire to go back down that road. This gift is from Yahuah and I will continue to work full time so I can afford to continue recording the songs Yahuah gives to me. And I very much appreciate the support and the love that comes from Yashra’al. Although we are scattered we are growing and I can see that more and more people are looking for Yahuah music. So I will continue to share as long as there is breath within me. When you’re ready to get the music there are links on my blog to make it easy for u I pray you enjoy all the music & motivation! Shabbat shalum:)

    • +Hadarah BatYah Oh, wow you have done a lot, well glad to here that! I told my daughter you are no older than 20, what a blessing that is Sis! ok thanks Shabbat shalom πŸ™‚

  1. I’m using my daughter’s channel because someone had my channel suspended for sharing truth.

    Sister can we please use your music songs in our ministry to share the restorations of YaHuWaH? My husband is Jonathan Matthew Wright and his ministry channel isCodesearcher Dot Net on youtube.

    • Good morning 😊 Yahuah is the Creator of heaven and earth. Many Jewish people out of tradition may say “Ha Shem” for “The Name” and many Christians may say “The Lord” but that’s not a name at all. The scriptures teach us to call on The Name and declare it. (Isaiah 26:13, 12:4, Psalms 102:21, Psalms 105:1) There are some more resources for you on my blog if you like you can take a look here to find out why I believe the name is Yahuah. I pray this answers your question and I hope it helps! 😊 Have a beautiful day πŸ’•

  2. one of my favorite songs. Baruach you and the Most High Yahuah! second time hearing this song and I already know most the words! Shalom on this beautiful Yum Cukkot achuti

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