The letter j is only about 500 yrs old, so the name Jesus is an incorrect name for Messiah. His name can be seen by going to the ancient paleo-hebrew letters and sounds that make up His Name and we'll find it is Yahusha, and means salvation.We also can find abba Father's Name by looking at the ancient Paleol-Hebrew Letters for His Name and find it is Yahuah and means I AM He WHO Lives. If you are very poor you can get a free copy of HalleluYah Scriptures.Or if you can afford to give a love offering that would be nice, to get a copy.In the back of HalleluYah Scriptures they have a chart of letters and sounds for Paleo Hebrew and you can look up the Father and Messiah's Name's there to check this out. Please go to
This song is based on Phil 1:11
May I be filled with
the fruit of righteousness
through Yahusha ha' Mashiah.
To the esteem and praise
of Yahuah.


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