Please start today if you have not already, and if you have get more serious!

Please watch: "Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned"



59 thoughts on “Prepare the Collapse Is Just Around The Corner

  1. pastor dowell my question to you is what is the best option for a young adult such as myself who is not financially stable and is not prepared in any way only mentally what advice do you have for someone like me i have watched previous videos and my situation hasn’t really been touched @PastorDowell

    • As a general principle: To get what you need, you have to have the skills people need to trade for with you.

      You don’t always need money and goods that can be stolen. You need skills that only cost reading and practice.

    • Pray about where and how to move to the country. You can either help on a farm, or help someone who already has a garden or orchard. You can find country living groups on Facebook, etc.  Pool your resources with financially established like minded people who are already preparing and need help. God can give you wisdom liberally, as you ask Him for guidance (James 1).

  2. The sheeple willingly sleep, while the preppers continue to be shepherds! Pastor Dowell, what website(s) do you recommend for buying silver?

  3. shalom elder im a vet and i know what your talking about,thank to the most high i got military training and know what to do i can even beat the night vision that they use to look at night only if our people knew these things and what to do todah for the lessen have a bless day.shalawam.

  4. salam alakum akhi. Only those Allah has chosen will hear. Those Allah has chosen to harden there hearts will not hear you. You yell at the top of your voice all day long and just won’t hear you.

    • I agree, Les. We’re getting seeds so we can plant for the next 3 – 10 years. We also planted an orchard (grafted trees) and garden, and have been in the country for 9 years. We plan to be part of the solution, not the problem, and we plan to share. Good advice!

    • I agree but the time will come when holding metals will be a Capital Crime. There’ll be a window when you can use them but it will be closed. Once the dust settles from the collapse, an all digital currency will be imposed. This may take some time though. So meanwhile, get the shiny & reflective stuff. 90% is best all-around.

    • the scary thing is they think this system we live in now is sustainable,, dominion and order are necassary for the people of this world but the fact is it must be appropriated just like everything else… we must use certain devised tactics to get people on the same page on where society must go,, however where is the direction we must take it??? the worlds one truth is there must be a balance between city and garden life, that way life around us can be sustained for our grandchildren.. but we are in trouble there must be balance between cities and gardens even on a local level because we cant just rely on food 100s of miles away to feed us forever and what about the local rabbits,,squirrels, and wild animals ??<< will u just watch as they die off because they have nothing to eat because no one lets at least half their grass grow <<<(that becomes rabbit food) .. what happens when oil runs out and i think it will because i believe God only made a certain amount of oil because of its toxicity to the land.. inner cities must preprare to sustain themselves soon oil will run out the signs are already showing, theres a reason Revelations say 1/3 of bareley will cost a denarious and1/3 of the animals will die.. revelations is warning saying certain systems can fail and if we do not prepare earth and the things around us and preserve them with certain tactics/schemes then we will end up with nothing and leave nothing for our children... the truth is we need the government and the tools like the tv and radio to get us on the same page on how we will save earth and to devise better tactics and labor forces to balance/appropriate the land,, we have enough city and roads connecting us now its time to use the land to its full potential and find a balance between how we use cultivated land around us that way the all living things that live off the land can have a sustainable future,, this is my main concern and should be every1 elses,, i cant just watch as the wild animals die off around us,, because we have left them nothing,, i dont want this great inheritance earth a gift from God to be squandered and not used to its full potential because of greed, selfishness and ignorance,,, tbh ignorance is the biggest enemy we face btw the scary things yall are seeing with storms and stuff is a sign showing that if yall keep destroying the living earth/mother nature like this (something God worked his whole life to make and left as an inheritence to us) u will find out just how real these forces are that can destroy earth as we know itonly a fool would ignore this wise man's warning and truth,, God has taught me these things we are failling because of lack of good local mayors are not leading communities the way they should and they are not using the tv and radios as well as they should to organize labor/work forces,, the idea of our government should be so far away from the places it actually governs made little sence in the first place,, really government, communities and good people on a local scale must lead our society to greatness if ur waiting on the federal government to save us,, u need to look closer to home and realize that local mayors(mayor-definition a leading person with good qualities ) should be doing the majority of this government job?

  5. I’m so afraid for my family still stuck in Flint,MI. Pastor Dowell is speaking the truth about the reality of an economic collapse, not to mention they are outright trying to kill the few family members I have left.

    • Move. Get you and your family out of there. It may not be easy but get out of the big cities but you got to. Get into the country. Bless you Sir.

    • +Melissa Halfacre
      I don’t know how, they tricked a lot of them with phony retirement promises, affordable living, and education. Instead all we have been given in Flint is violence, corrupt politicians, Churches for hire, and people without faith. I moved my wife and kids out of Flint a while ago but worry about my mother and sisters, cousins, etc… They are stuck in that hell hole.

  6. Go to your local, grocery stores. Look at the top of the shelves. The back stock is getting shorter and shorter. They are only ordering enough for three days. Look at the signs at your stores. Have a blessed day.

  7. The corner this year or the corner next year? Digital Control of digital money and digital markets has changed everything. Its the holodeck of investing and finance. Wall street asset prices will remain under precise control courtesy of the modern microprocessor. It just ain’t that hard to do.

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