Episode 5: The Whole Meggilah

Some 2,300 years before Hitler… Jews faced extinction on a single day. But a reluctant young queen saved them all.

So we would never forget this amazing deliverance (by the hand of Yehovah working miraculously behind the scenes), the annual holiday of Purim was established. As these events could have been tragic, the tradition has developed to publicly read the "Meggilah" (scroll) of Esther on Purim in a party-like atmosphere. We dress in our finest Talit (or your favorite ancient Israeli attire), and cheer the heroes and boo the villains, as the history of Purim is retold. It's always a hoot! A Rood Awakening! International invites you to join us "for such a time as this" as we celebrate Purim Michael Rood-style.

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