Purim: The Making of a King's Bride

Episode 2 — Enough With The Myrrh Already

The transformation of a country milkmaid – calloused hands, chapped lips, and filthy feet – to the delicately painted, primped and perfumed bride of the king is not a path bordered by lilies and strewn with rose petals. It is emotionally charged, physically painful, and intellectually challenging.

The Persian Emperor, King Ahasuerus searches his empire from India to Ethiopia in his attempt to replace his rebellious queen Vashti. Little does he know that his choice for a bride would be orchestrated from the very throne room in Heaven to effect the deliverance of the Jewish people from complete annihilation. Hadassah, a young Jewish girl, risks her life — realizing that the very reason for her being chosen as the bride of the king may well be "for such a time as this."

Join Michael Rood in the tent of Abraham as he propounds the "no pain, no gain" reality that faced every milkmaid who envied the honor of being the bride of the king. Do not miss episode 2 in the 5-part series Purim: the Making of a King's Bride – Enough With the Myrrh Already!

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