I just found out about this new amazing food dehydrator. Check out my review in today's video. You can order at Free Shipping and you can also get an additional 10% off by being a member of The Raw Life Health Show ( )

Accurate, Efficient, and Elegantly Styled!
Sedona® is the elegantly easy way to dehydrate raw whole living foods, preserving the natural nutritional value and taste without using artificial preservatives. Compared to other leading dehydrators, Sedona® offers unsurpassed performance utilizing the latest digital dehydrating technologies with accurate temperature controls.

The Sedona nine tray digital food dehydrator from Tribest accurately and efficiently distributes heated air, drying foods better and much more evenly when compared to other food dehydrators. Additionally, Sedona's heating compartment can be divided into two drying compartments offering unsurpassed versatility while using less electricity and eliminating excess waste. Other food dehydrators claim to be digital but only offer digital timers and do not control the current temperature within the drying compartment. Sedona is the only dehydrator which offers an all digital control panel and is fully automated to accurately control the way your food is dehydrated.


10 thoughts on “Product Review: Tribest Sedona Digital Food Dehydrator

  1. I have on of those crazy round dehydrators it is a hassle plus I don’t have the desire to dehydrate much so not sure if worth it.
    Will you be selling it on your site Paul? Or do we go to your friends site to get it?

  2. I saw this being compared to the excaliber. I like the benefits with this sedona machine especially the glass door. I am glad your are speaking about this as well.

  3. I’m using my Sedona for the first time and the plastic out-gassing is HORRIBLE! I can’t imagine that you would find this healthy. How did you get rid of the out-gassing????

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