4 Defense (4 Thieves) Oil may protect your against getting the ebola virsus. You can purchase at this link:

Here is the video of us on the plane


11 thoughts on “Protect Yourself From Ebola with This Oil

  1. I’ve been spraying 4 thieves for 2 weeks now. I caught a cold that has lasted more then a week. So I don’t really know how it helped the 4 thieves.

  2. I’m a nurse on a hospital. I refuse to get the vaccines. I wear a mask during flu season with Thieves in it. I’ve had patients with H1N1, and many other contagious respiratory illnesses. I’ve not been sick since I started using this Thieves in 2008 other than when I run out. Thanks for sharing this Paul!

  3. 2:12 “I’ll even spray it on my beard” – I have a simple question: Why go to such great lengths (literally) to cultivate a huge beard – which certainly is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria – when you are advocating healthy living? Is there are good reason for the beard? OK, I understand that human males ‘naturally’ have beards – but from the earliest civilized times – men have found a way to crop (not cut off) their beards – for good reason. Beards catch all manner of food, literally ‘sift’ the air for pollution particles and are just hard to keep clean. So, why – aside from building a recognizable character (self promotion) – would a man have such a beard? Your food and health ideas have a lot of merit, but I always wonder why anyone would go to such lengths (again, literally!) to create character recognition, over the need to be healthy. Good videos, though – keep up the work! Just sayin’…

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