Protein on a raw vegan diet?

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8 thoughts on “Protein on a raw vegan diet?

  1. So how about Spirulina for protein? Seems like I don’t hear much about it anymore in regards to a vegan protein source. Also, do you still endorse and or use Vitamineral Greens?

  2. That’s a stupid example. Animals don’t have the same nutritional requirements as humans. A horse is meant to live off of grass, so they’re meant to live off of >200 calories a day, so they probably need about 2 g of protein a day.

    • The same can be said about the “dairy will make you gain weight, because it causes baby cows (that have a nutritional requirement of 100 calories a day, tops) to gain weight”.

  3. I think I’ll watch this again. I wonder if I could cultivate merengue leaves. Right now, with my leaky gut, the nurse has just for me personally hemp protein with a B, once a day recommendation. I plan to finish my organic hemp as I’m a budget babe and then, study protein options. I’m glad you brought up exercise and different vegan protein needs. My doctor wants me to have a protein shake between meals. She’s vegetarian, tailors my program vegan, and has been open to me following vegan authorities on issues so far.

  4. Thanks, although I care about all my loved ones whether plump, bloated, or otherwise, I admire the way slim fit vegan friends look. When some say things like, “I like to bite into a juicy steak, I like meat, or I couldn’t live without bacon, ” it hurts to think of the unnecessary deaths and cruelty caused, and also the unnecessary self imposed cruelty as I have been learning about how this will hurt them. Hopefully, more will learn to be their 24/7 as needed for our loved ones we must love them not vane food tastes, and show appreciated during this time of abundance that we have to right to choose a better way and cultivate recognizing how our balancing bodies growingly develop healthier addictions to things that are much better for both us, the animals, the environment, and our essential goals like the space program! It’s not a backward way. It’s a forward movement.

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