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6 thoughts on “Proverb 2

  1. Paul, the immoral woman can be applied to many churches today. I know a man who is Catholic, they actually encourage their members to attend classes on Eastern religions, meditation and much more. Sadly when I try to get him to read his Bible he gives excuses that the Bible isn’t a science book, he denies creation, the flood over the whole earth, the law and the prophets. He sees everything in the New Testament through the eyes of one who can do anything as long as he has the right name (Jesus) and has faith. This craziness is everywhere.

  2. What’s the name for the spirit of men (not women) that has those same promiscuous ways about him? Because it’s not only women out there that are following the path to death, it’s also men…

  3. I’m new to keeping the commandments of our Awesome Creator, can you guide me to a place to look for the feasts and appointed holidays? We go to a regular church now that is filled with good and bad people, it’s hard to search for churches that keep Torah. They’re all Jewish only, they don’t believe in our Messiah:(
    Dallas is huge though. I hope my husband and I can connect with like-minded people.
    Thanks for these live events and for going into so much detail. Your tireless campaigning for YHWY is very much appreciated by all of us!
    I especially loved the fact that you shared ‘fear of our Creator’ is obedience and fear!

  4. “HE sent His Word and healed us…….Halle lu YH!!!#. & I also have a Q: on health ” do you recommend kiefer grains to make keifer water,? Do you recommend drinking that… I just started but im not sure it’s good for me…..

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