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3 thoughts on “Proverb 27

  1. Goodmorning Paul. Thank you for being fair.
    I appreciate you.
    That warning about bragging about tomorrow, is also addressed in James , 2, somewhere. He says , we OUGHT to say, ” if the The Lord is willing”, I will go here / there, or ” if The Lord wills, I will do this/ that. ” James says that it is bragging, if we dont include The Lord in our speaking. This is also one of the ways we are pecular people— of course, you already knew, preaching to the choir— but we ARE forgetful creatures– who you callin a creature? Right!!😇

  2. The manner of speak we ought to have is in James 4:13-17. This corresponds with Proverbs 27.
    I always yeild to my husband; yesterday, I had wished to remain indoors, but he called me and told me to come to his parents house, and see all the hard work that he’s been doing. So, I yeilded. I was tempted to do some yardwork myself, then I remembered.
    Keeping the peace, but breaking commandments.

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