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2 thoughts on “Proverb 28

  1. Thank you, Mr. Nison.
    ” Hey I’m NOT convicted- O-Kaaay”, thats what I get when I warn; ➡ “You shouldn’t diss the Sabbeth.”
    I MUST warn them !!!!
    It is required in scripture- ” or their blood will be at my hand.” – I’m not clear what SPECIFICALLY that entails, but , it dont sound good.
    Please pray for my” christian” husband and daughter And my “New Age” son. Thanks for that too.
    Oh, and BE Ye PERFECT , for you had only one thing that hindered you from having a perfect presentation this morning — it pertains to JAMES 4:15 ” For that ye OUGHT to say,….IF THE LORD WILL”, I shall ( go to NEW YORK).

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