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7 thoughts on “Psalm 106

  1. shalom dear servent Of Most High, i have great revelation to share with believers. I petitioned Creator To Teach me about high heels if it is Pleasing or Not Pleasing Before Him, that we women wear high heels. And The Father Answered me and The Answer Is, no, Creator Does Not Want His people to wear high heels.

    • Immorality is sick sin, and what Creator Answers Is His Will, He Answered me that He Does Not Will for women who love Him obeying Him To wear heels. This Is The Answer From Most High, now it is your turn to Confirm it In Him through prayer. Do what ever you choose to, you have free will, I speak to dear Paul nison who also I heard preaching of this matter amd I wanted him to know that what he is preaching Is Truth From Most High, I personally got revelation From Most High. Seekers Of Most High Will understand but the worldly of sin will close their hearing and will lust after low life of satans will.

    • +Marina Romanchenko Please help me with a moral quandry that I have. in order to do so you will need to Google or YouTube “Organized Gang Stalking”, study the matter for 5 minutes and pray about it. Then tell me if participation in this program is witchcraft. I would really value your opinion sister. Shalom.

  2. Thank you Mr.Nison, for reading to us each day and admonishing us in the study of our ♡Lord!♡ ♡Yeshua♡loves us dearly! May ♡He♡bless you daily. Hallelujah!! Have a very good night/day!

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