Psalm 151 Daily Bible Reading

Psalm 151 is the name given to a short psalm that is found in most copies of the Septuagint[1] but not in the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible. The title given to this psalm in the Septuagint indicates that it is supernumerary, and no number is affixed to it: "This Psalm is ascribed to David and is outside the number. When he slew Goliath in single combat".[2] It is also included in some manuscripts of the Peshitta.

The Eastern Orthodox Church as well as the Coptic Orthodox Church, Armenian Apostolic Churchand the Armenian Catholic Church accept Psalm 151 as canonical. Roman Catholics, Protestants, and most Jews consider it apocryphal. However, it is found in an appendix in some Catholic Bibles, such as certain editions of the Latin Vulgate, as well as in some ecumenical translations, such as the New Revised Standard Version.

King David had such a heart for Yahweh. Every Christian should read the Bible every day. Going to church but not reading your Bible is a waste of time. Learn all about the Hebrew Roots of Yeshua by learning the Torah. I continue to do live readings of the Psalms on my channel. As believers we are to pray, praise, proclaim, read, repent and submit daily.

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Theme of Psalm 151:God raised up David and his future throne.

I was small among my brothers and youngest in my fathers' house. I tended my father's sheep.
My hands formed a musical instrument and my fingers tuned a guitar.
And who shall tell my God, The Master Himself. He Himself will hear.
He sent forth His heavenly angles, and took me from my father's house, and he Anointed me with the oil of His anointing.
My brothers were handsome and tall, but God did not take pleasure in them.
I went forth to meet the Philistine and he cursed me by his idols.
But I drew his own sword and beheaded him and removed reproach from the children of Israel.


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