Singing Tehallyim (Psalms 121) | I am not a singer, but I pray that this blesses you.
Shalum Mishpacha (Original Composition from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir)


Update : March 2015 –
Taking it a step forward and creating YAH music for HIS esteem.
(Not a singer, but simply love YAHUAH and music)


24 thoughts on “Psalms 121 All of My Help Cometh From YAHUAH | Short Song

  1. HalaluYAH!!!! That was beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for using your voice to sing of Yahuah!!!! i love this scripture and this song 🙂

  2. Wonderful singing my dear sister………HalleluYAHHHH….All praise is due to the Most High Yahuah…..Baruch to all you brothers and sisters….:-)

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