This weekend is Purim, the celebration of righteousness over tyranny,
especially as it relates to the story of Esther. You may think that Purim is something that only Jewish people celebrate. But there’s something in it for believers in Yeshua, too. In fact, there’s probably MORE in Purim for believers than anyone else in the world, because this Bible account not only celebrates the past… it prophesies your future.

Tune in to this week's episode of Shabbat Night Live for a fun, entertaining, and insightful reenactment of the story of Queen Esther. Be sure to grab the kiddos! It's time to boo Haman and cheer for Mordecai!


4 thoughts on “Purim: The Making Of A King’s Bride – Shabbat Night Live – 3/2/18

  1. shalom micheal i appreciate your teachings would love to have a chat about religion with you one day with a pen and a piece of paper god bless email me zacht552 at gmail keep doing gods work

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