6 thoughts on “Q & A part 3 and Blood tests w/Dr. Schandl

  1. It’s not the chemistry of God but the wisdom of God. He reveals to us how to take care of our body. We don’t what foods are good for us and not. Everyone who is sick, their blood has different #’s than those who are healthy, we can use this info with wisdom to help glorify Him and the kingdom!

  2. man doesn’t know everything about body chemistry yet but man can put 2 and 2 together and make 4… if a large pool of healthy individuals all have the same reading on a certain test and a large pool of people sick with the same thing take that same test the healthy ones did and found out they are all elevated over that score then maybe those unhealthy people who do things to bring them in line with those healthy peoples tests… you don’t have to be god to understand that.

  3. OK…..on a positive note about science and blood tests……these tests can be used to fully document the before and afters of natural healing. I mean that is why the Hippocrates Health Institute is able to prove their results. They have blood records of before and after.

  4. Your comment sort of imp0lies you would rather not read a science book because humans can never fully know; therefore why try to know at all? It’s like saying you’d rather not look at the stars with a telescope because you’ll never really know as much about them as God knows? Maybe you’d prefer to pray and hope for the best than to use your intelligence to do some experimenting to get to the truth. I don’t think God is against learning via a microscope. “He that seeketh, findeth.”

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