In today's video I answer comments and questions from last weeks video's posted at The Raw Life Health Show. Each friday I will reply to comments and questions so post yours below. To see all videos visit This is part 2 of 2.


9 thoughts on “Q & A with Raw Food Author Paul Nison- 12-25-09 Part 2 of 2

  1. Thanks Paul for this great 2 part video, answering our questions.

    I’m grateful for my family! I’m grateful for my health and the information that comes my way. I’m also grateful for our beautiful garden this year – what a blessing!

    Debbie *Ü*

  2. 2009 Brought me better health. This is my second year on High Raw. Last winter I was 100% and being up north zapped most of my energy. I went back to cooking at least a few times a week for supper.
    Still maintaining a good weight and now for 2010 I want to eliminate night eating.
    Have a Wonderful Holiday

  3. with the doupt increases the doupt. the harder it is to doupt something the more impossible it gets to learn. most people learn and think like this: i know these 1.000.000 facts and 10.000 of them i am knowing for sure and i WILL NEVER DOUPT THEM, no matter what. And everything i learned is based on these facts, i will never look into something that is not in line with my core truths. I wont change my truths because i want to keep my world view my identity. we re limiting ourselfs!!!

  4. Yes, thanks Paul for answering our questions!

    I have another question. I hope its not too obscure! What do you think of dopamine deficiency, which may have arisen from a low protein diet, and supplementing with L-Tyrosine etc?

    I think hair loss in women is commonly linked to low iron and thyroid disorders.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  5. Hi Paul, Thank you very much for answering my question ;0)
    2009 brought me better understanding about faith and love. :0)
    What is the different between detoxification symptoms and really I messing up with my health? Sometimes the line could be very fine, for example is like if I eating too much fruits and I feel nauseas is because detoxification or because I harming myself for eating too much fruit.

    Peace be with you,.

    Monica ;0)

  6. Paul you stopped being vegan because your Homocysteine levels were high and bone density was low. Homocysteine causes bone loss (look it up) Methionine metabolizes into Homocysteine. So you have too much Methionine in your body (look that up). Methionine comes from eating nuts and seeds. You are eating too much nuts and seeds. Goat milk is also a source of Methionine. You need to stop the nuts and seeds and increase the consumption of dark GREENS. All raw problems are caused by lack of greens.

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