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31 thoughts on “Quantum Eating and Intermittent fasting

  1. I am very inspired by your fasting videos. I have done some water fasting and intermittent fasting. Ideally for me would be two raw vegan meals each day with a focus on calorie restriction, a 45-45-10 diet, carbs fat protein, and not eating after 4pm. To do calorie restriction you must have a good % of fats to be satiated.

  2. I woke up ate 5 peanut butter+apple syrup sandwiches, 1 cup of coffee, I felt really sick, I went to sleep hours after, I woke up went to the washroom and got blood and diarreah. I opened YouTube and this videos was one of the first. I am really afraid this world was designed to kill us.

    • Just Breathe definitely blame the government for that bullshit. Makes me absolutely sick seeing people and animals in pain because they don’t know anything about healthy eating or their medical bills are thousands of dollars . The government knows that food heals but they give people poison

    • Aardvark 25 yea i agree your right,but blaming anyone but yourself as an adult wont help ypu find healing so take the responsibility for the food you eat and for the info you learn.

    • Just Breathe she said she’s afraid this world is designed to kill us. I thought that she meant this new polluted shitty world and toxic food haha but idk I guess.

    • Aardvark 25 that is true,its all about buisness amd making $ even at the expense of the peoplea health and life,once i realized that i started to educate myself. check out thay link i sent in my first comment,it has powerful info and knowledge

  3. Intermitten fasting is awesome, some days I wake up and drink a small juice and or take Spirulina and don’t eat til 5pm and eat a large green salad and then drink herbal tea water.. eating is more about being emotional and bored, in my opinion.

  4. One important thing to remember , not everyone’s body works the same. You have to find what works for your system . Following someone ,else’s routine because their results were good does not mean you will see the same results. Your body will tell you when to fast, when to stop and how to fast. Everyone’s nutrient needs vary. Do what works best for you and not what a program or book promotes.

  5. Hi
    I have a question because you said your specialty is about digestion. I am a raw vegan but whenever I eat watermelon I feel like getting heart attack . I feel nausea very bad like I am going to die. I eat watermelon in a empty stomach. Is that because of the auger or amour of water?
    I drink like 1.5 litter water in the morning but I feel fine.

  6. Yes, live food are hydrating. Have you read Dancing with Water? I am experimenting with vortexes to enliven water. Check it out. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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