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Today someone asked me if I were open to drinking raw goat milk, why wouldn't I drink human mothers milk? I thought it was a very strange question and didn't answer the question when she asked it because I felt she was missing the point of my lecture and trying to change the subject, but I answer the question today in this video.


19 thoughts on “Question, Why drink Goat Milk vs Mothers Milk? #455

  1. about the woman who asked the question, obviously she was passionate about her question. i dint find it to be so rude. i think as an educator you should have simply answered her question instead of being so defensive to her. she had a legitimate point that you should have addressed. it wont be the last time you are confronted about this in a “health community” being rude and being passionate are a fine line. being professional means being able to deal with both.

  2. I agree theres no negative effects of goats milk from a nutritional standpoint, and I believe that homemade raw goat kefir (made from the actual kefir grains) is an amazingly healthy probiotic. That being said, there are some serious problems going on today with the treatment of animals…so, do some serious research into your raw goats milk source and go to the farms and ask questions, as long as the goats are raised with love and not as money making tools, I don’t see a reason for concern…

  3. You don’t need the milk. My wife did vegan fine but if you do add milk do either raw goat milk or order beyond organic amasi. That would really be great. beyondorganictoday d o t c o m look for amasi. Let me know if you have more questions. YOu can also email my wife via her FB page.

  4. No, it’s not. Raw cow milk from Jersey’s are neutral, while raw goat’s milk has a slightly alkaline ash. Goat’s milk is NOT mucus forming.

  5. Organic produce is not necessarily grown in better soil, it contains 90+% less pesticides and 100% gmo free.
    I’m not defending inorganic, organic is best, but its not always grown in better soil!

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