Quit Your Job And Go Raw

What do you do if you don't like your job and it is affecting your health? This may sound extreme but it is an important message.

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29 thoughts on “Quit Your Job And Go Raw!

    • +The Raw Life Health Show You are so speaking to me in the beginning of the video. I hate my job, I have been a server for too long, it is so stressful! My job sucks so much out of me that I have no energy on my days off. I am a gifted artist and want to paint full time. I feel like the only way it is going to happen is if I quit my energy sucking job. But I have to take care of my many animals, and pay my bills. I have some cash saved up, but if I quit my job, I will see my bank account soon go, “Bloop, bloop, bloop….” But I feel like I just can’t serve one more table. On the diet side, I do eat a lot of raw organic food, but I do eat organic beef and chicken, and some cooked grains and veggies. Please encourage me to stay home and paint! Lol.

  1. oh yes I was feeling miserable super stressed out in college so after 1 year of starting to get really depressed hating what I was doing, I gained courage enough to quit that whatever opinions I would hear about dropping college. I did it and I am happier than ever, so free to just do my passions. so raw food is amazing, but you have to pay attention to other aspects in your life in order to be healthy like getting sun everyday (or Vitamin D supplement), get grounded (barefeet in nature), take walks because stress is a major issue that can paralyze our entire inner environment. an example is candida even if you’r eating the most natural sugars…so, nice that you mention this. namaste _/_

  2. Sooooo true, I had to quit my job in August because it was making me miserable and sick, now I run my own online store..moved out of the city..you can eat all the fruits and veg in the world, but if you are going to a concrete box every day doing work you don’t like, it kills you

  3. I couldn’t agree more, our Health is more important than Money or things, many Wealthy people unfortunately had to learn this the hard way, they gathered Wealth, but because of Illness they wasn’t able to enjoy it. Health comes first, Wealth comes second, if not, it’s not worth it. Thanks brother for sharing! Shalom <3 

  4. I got ya! I was abit harsh on the talking on your newest video. but I see that is how you work but just make sure you get a strong point out please  like this! thank you! <3

  5. Agree with you fully Paul, your health comes first. 6 years ago I left my beautiful country in central America and moved to work and live in new york. Total not worth it.

  6. ok so  i quit my job because of  high stress I started there as a normal healthy women  and  left with a hormonal imbalance and anxiety etc .so now im work on fixing  my health  but  whats the first step in making money  to buy organic  foods  for this life style  ? 

  7. I hate my job. 
    BUT I have  to go to work to feed my family… 

    And it is not safe to record a video while driving .. just saying… 

  8. Quit my boring cubicle job to focus on health! I was making 140K a year.. I’m tempted to go back to my old job and make more $$ to save up but I know that’s a recipe for disaster. Something part time should suffice but how can I let that kinda money slip away permanently? The greedy side of me wants to go back for 5 years, save up (my spouse pays the bills so I can invest it all), and invest it and retire at 40! But those 5 years.. I’ll never get back.. and they could kill me.

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