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    • Truthiracy3 , אל can mean both “too” and a short name for “G-d”. However, this would depend on the nikud underneath. a Tzere nikud (two dots) under א means it’s ‘G-d’. A segol (3 dots) means it’s ‘too’.

    • Ice Queen After destruction of first Temple Jews were shipped en masse to Babylon. I believed they picked up the language there. The writing system they used before that is mistakenly called Paleo Hebrew but in the academic circles it is called Canaanite. If you remember Canaanim were the original inhabitants and long time enemies of the Jews. other helpful key terms Ivri script, Ashuri script, Almarna Letters, Emuna Elisha, and think that is a good start.

  1. You could have pointed out to the priest who asked you about אלהים being always written in the plural, that by yosef it also says: דבר האיש אדני הארץ אתנו קשות, there too אדני is in the plural, although there of course there was only one master who spoke to the brothers harsh words, suspecting them as spies, and that was yosef the vice king to pharaoh, and rashi points this out in another place, and says that words that mean master or similar words like אלהים are sometimes in the plural, although rashi does not say why, so we still need your answer.

    Another point: the letter we call צדיק is actually without the ק at the end. Its real name is צדי. But for obvious reasons which are its similar pronunciation to the word צדיק which means righteous, and probably also its being just before ק, and when you say the אב quickly, like when teaching children, you say צדיק קוף, so the child does not realize that צדי itself does not have a קוף in it, and this mistake started already in children of earlier generations and they gave it over to us, and as the gemara says once a mistake enters it is hard to eradicate it, that’s why it has come to be called צדיק. Point is צדי does not mean a righteous person, what it does mean i do not know.

  2. I want to point out that the theory that there is no punishment in this world from god, is false. Because the משנה in יומא says, that there are some types of sins that תשובה alone and even together with יום כיפור, they are still not forgiven, but you also need suffering. Of course if the person already did תשובה then that means by definition that he already made the deep analysis to see where he went wrong and fixed that already. Still he needs some pain to atone for his sin, so what else could that mean by definition if not a punishment?

    • They way I see it, punishment is the word we humans use to describe the pain we feel accordingly to certain actions we take part of, and we say ”your punishment was suffering for being selfish” for instance. But the truth is that the pain we feel, is just consequence of our actions, NOT A PUNISHMENT for what we do. So, if you use the word punishment you are describing a different reality than if you use the word consequence. Just my thoughts, Blessing.

  3. I think that not only is it forbidden to pronounce God’s name, but it is also forbbiden to say the letters of the שם הויה consecutively, one after the other. And this is probably why people say יוד קא ואו קא instead of הא, others say יוד and הא and ואו and הא, saying the word “end” makes it already non consecutive, and you only actually have to say one “end” between the letters. Anyway i thought it important to point this out.

    Anyway nice lecture. I especially enjoyed the insight into the famous magic phrase אברא כדברי.

  4. We are created in the image of God? Says who Allah, I don’t think so.

    Anatomically man is similar to apes in 98 percent, just imagine now Jewish’s God inherits 98 percent apes like feature.

    Quran 112:1] Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
    Quran 112:2] Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    Quran 112:3] He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
    Quran 112:4] *And there is none like unto Him.*

  5. You speak of יהוה, and I believe you are sincere, But if you believe נָשָׂא Space program , Your faith is in man and Not יהוה, Space does not Match the Word of יהוה . The Torah clearly States how it is laid out THE EARTH IS FIXED .

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