What does the Bible say about race mixing?
Pastor Dowell answers.

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39 thoughts on “Race Mixing the Truth!

    • +TAZADAQ ZAYAN Ah okay, I was confused. I thought that you thought I was against you…hahah. All praises to the Most High of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!

    • Ayara Yashar’al the children of Israel are not allowed to race mix. The pale race (white people) are the descendants of the fallen angels. Mixing with them corrupts our seed and DNA. A lot of ppl can’t see it, but quite a bit of the Bible talk about preserving our DNA. The first incorporation of angel DNA into the human gene pool was in the garden. The sin was sex. Cain was actually the serpent’s seed, not Adam’s.

  1. I subscribe to your site but it appears you spend more time bashing Israelites than you do the Beast and Woman who sits on it.  I can find a bit of imperfection n any camp but to simply make video after video and always talking about the soldiers in the street or calling them racist is a bit unnerving.Where’s your Olive branch for your people who been through straight hell.  It sounds like you are giving up on your people for gentiles.  Do you tell them they are going to be for a possession?  Are they ok with that?  Do you even believe that part of scripture?How about a video showing what they are doing right or do you believe your ministry is perfect?  How about the thousands of brothers and sisters they brought into the truth.I came in through Ben Ami in the 1990’s and left for my own spiritual walk but heard so many negative things about them before he died but personally after falling short myself I find it very difficult to watch you berate your own people who deservedly have some animosity towards the slave master and their ancestors who benefit from our condition.The white folk love you.  Even the non believer and that carries with it a certain idea to me.  I’m just saying why don’t you stick to your teachings and let the brothers deal with the streets.  I don’t think you could fare very well if the tables were turned.You may be hurting a black person who can’t get out to your beautiful ranch and those brothers are the only vehicle to this truth.  They may be doing more good than the harm you suppose.I mean come on Pastor.  In the final analysis all this is ordain by the most high.  That’s why Edom has the rule.  That’s why we went into slavery.  The most high is going to redeem the Israelites.  I see quite a few white folk in most of the camps you speak of so at least have the courage of your conviction to call them camps out by name of digress.In the name of our father……Peace

    • I am white and please do not speak about what you think I want or do not want. I even read someone posting today claiming we want black people to be jumping in trees or some nonsense, or that we want black people to be this and that. Actually, no, we do not. I don’t, no one I know does. God is no respecter of persons. Race is an artificial construct. You are missing the forest for the trees. You are missing the message of Christ. Thankfully, most black people I know do not think like you. As a white man who is a Christian and 1/4 jewish, though some would say ashkenazi is not real jewish but the line goes way back, and as someone who goes to a mostly black pentecostal/apostolic holy ghost filled true church, I can assure you that your musings of me are wrong. My grandmother was a true Christian in every sense of the word, much kinder and more holy acting than anyone online, including people like you. So so called people of an inferior race that you claim to know about and is so bad actually is more Godly than you are. I have never met anyone more Christlike and Godly and with a deeper understanding than my white grannie, much nicer than the way you portray yourself. The people at my church are much like her in all ways and so you are missing the forest for the trees, worshipping melanin and skin color and being full of unforgiveness. You expect Christ to forgive you but you cannot forgive those before you. It doesn’t work that way. Unless you think Jesus was lying.

    • Andrew Russell, Amen Mr. Russell! What’s scary to me is though these “Hebrew Israelites” stay in the law, they seem to overlook the commandment that says “love your neighbor as yourself”. The more I listen to videos on this doctrine, the more I realize they do not follow the same Jesus, as described in the New Testament. That Jesus, whom the Revelation of Jesus Christ speaks of, says innumerable folk of all nations and tongues will be in heaven.

    • Lv 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of >>>THY PEOPLE<<<, but thou shalt love >>>THY NEIGHBOR<<< as thyself: I [am] the LORD.

  2. this dude is a straight way liar! Israelites are not suppose to marry other nations… there’s so many scriptures that clearly state this in fact it’s an abomination according to scripture…

    jubilees 30:11 And do you, Mosheh, command the children of Yisrael and exhort them not to give their daughters to the Gentiles, and not to take for their sons any of the daughters of the Gentiles, for this is abominable before YAHWEH.

  3. I feel a lot of you guys are feel with hatred an anger. Which your knowledge and wisdom has too expand. Some of you hate the so called white man because of history. But it was yah who sent those of another nation too deal with his ppl. Because so of us are stiff neck ppl. Isaiah 45:7. I form light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil : I the lord do all these things. So some you guys don’t understand the most high if you question, what’s happening too our ppl. Don’t bash brother Dowell read your bible’s and try too help your brother’s and sister’s out that still in Christianity to come back to the most high. Get the word out. Because of their worshipping after other gods is what’s killing us as a ppl. OK he didn’t tell Israel not to marry outside of their race but told Israel not to marry someone that isn’t equal yoked. Meaning any one who did what Solomon did marry women that worship strange gods. If you are a man of Israel and you follow the most high laws and statue’s. Why would you marry somedone of the same color that follow Christianity, and celebrate all the pagan holidays. When you that man didn’t do this growing up.Some of you guys crack me up using the most high words to get justice. He is the most high God not you stay in your place and learn to do well. Get rid of your evil ways learn too love. Because hatred can only leave you lonely in thy end.

    • +Truth Lover thank you both. But ppl are not seeing with their eye’s open and not the two eye’s in their head but the one in their heart Lol….. If one would want to learn then, I would suggest they continue watching the children. Kids have so much love. The minute they exit their mother womb they are filled with so much love from the father to bring it back to earth. But what do the evils of this earth do, trying to change yah creation by allowing men to marry men and women loving women and allowing ppl to change their child sex. He is attacking our children most of all filling them with hatred and evil hearts and this is what they get out of the public schools and also their homes. But children, are still the true teachers of yah on this planet. And Im a man filled of yah’s glory but thank you both again and continue to love and show love. And too those haters you better repent and replant.

    • You’re welcome. I’m well aware of every law and, statue The Most High has in place; but I honestly feel like alot of our Israelite Brothers and Sisters are filled with hate and prejudice; on a slick. Yasharal does need to focus on coming together and focusing on Haya, but we have to understand what we were even chosen for. We cannot hate other nation’s; under the excuse TMH hated Esau. Which, I know now most of them won’t even open their mind to who Esau’s seed really is… I’m not telling anyone to practice going against The Statues, Laws, and commandments, but have mercy. Some Israelites have spouses from other nations; pre awakening; that love and have dedicated themselves to TMH wholeheartedly so; On that note they gloat over it, and use what TMH commanded other ancient Israelite patriarchs’ to send their strange wives’ and children away; so you must do the same. I was blown away @ that mindset. TMH will handle each and every Israelite accordingly and in an acceptable time. I feel like most of these Israelites on Youtube are appointing themselves as Levitical priests’, and Judges’ before we even know what TMH will do with any of us. It’s scary. Thanks for your response Bj. Shalom.

    • Jason Voorsteez that’s what they want u to think my ppl where in fact keeping the laws to say they mixed is foolishness keep in mind those r u thoughts I’m simply saying u don’t know……u quote scriptures that had nothing to do with the topic slavery came after they went to Africa to say they mixed is a lie other wise why would the Africans sell each other not true u they didn’t mix is the reason Africans conspired against them they were a totally different ppl and Africans knew that……so don’t try to say that dude u have no idea what ur talking about ur opinion means nothing compared to truth

    • Gregory Ferguson duet 28:30 “thou shalt betroth a wife and another man lie with her”. Regardless of when this happened, it happened! That’s scripture, not my opinion. All you did was state your opinion. You didn’t provide any scriptural or historical evidence. I’ll be waiting for you to do that.

    • Jason Voorsteez true bra but think about it why would Africans sell they own people our ppl were together in Africa that’s how they knew who were in fact the Jews the curses fell on us when we came to America those scriptures u quoted were during slavery becuz they were in captivity and couldn’t keep the laws the white man set out to use our bible against us this is the same way they put the fake jews in that land making the world believe they were the real jews they did the same thing with the slave trades this is the reason TMHG Gona revenge us.. and destroy our enemies otherwise why would he punish them if they were doing his will……do u believe in Jesus is the Savior

  4. Never repented for it?  What do you call the civil war, where the white man fought among itself to end slavery and over 500.000 white men died and hundreds of thousands more injured.  Stop this lie Dowell.

  5. Pastor Dowell, I am seriously trying to understand, are you saying because there were no white folks in the area at that time, YAH, was not talking about us marrying white people?

  6. It’s been about 8 or 9 months since I first saw this video, and now that I listen to this man, I can just hear the lies and sugar coating being spread. It’s sad. He couldn’t even explain or address the Israelites having to send away their wives AND children regardless of conversion. He refuses to talk about the fact that only 2 Israelites can produce Israelite offspring (I am also aware of the 3rd generation after marrying into Israelites is an Israelite). Yah doesn’t want his holy people’s seed being defiled.

  7. Moses married a Ethiopian (Numbers 12:1), but he wasn’t too proud to admit that it wasn’t right. (Numbers 36:). Even In the book of Exodus, Moses responds to Israelites who had sexual relations with Moabite women by ordering that the Moabites be executed.

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